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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

So it has been a tradition of Bjorn and I to travel to Yosemite National Park each Thanksgiving to camp in the beautiful Valley. It didn't happen last year as Myles was only about 7 weeks old. This year we thought we would give it a go. It is always cold this time of year, but with free hot showers near by it's not that bad. If you get too cold you just go take a warm shower and you are set.

This year like most we were one of the few tent campers. The camp ground if full because it is the last weekend it's open, but because of the cold I guess most opt to camp in an RV of some sort. Well not the Dodd's. We are the good ol' fashion campers who do it all in a tent. We even cook a full Turkey dinner to boot. It is just beautiful there and we always have a great time. We made some changes this year. One, we left the dog home. He doesn't like the cold, and he can't go on most of the trails. Two, we got a bigger tent. It's like sleeping in the Hilton. Big enough for a queen size blow up bed and the pack-n-play and still have tons of room for Myles to play in. Third, we came home a day early. One of the neighbors who we met saw us packing up on Saturday morning. He came to chat with Bjorn and Bjorn just nicely told him that the baby was done. I yelled from inside the tent that the pregnant mommy was done! I have to get some points for even coming, right! I have to say that it isn't any fun to get out of the warm sleeping bag in the middle of the night to go hang your butt out in the woods somewhere to pee, two or three times a night. Then there was the "I think I'm going to be sick" problem. If you puke just anywhere is the bear who roams through the camp going to find it and come looking for more? I just didn't sleep well and by the 3rd night I was done.

Myles had a great time being outside. He didn't like wearing all the gear to keep him warm, especially the mittens, but they were a must at 30 degrees. Plus it's hard to walk around where there are all kinds of obstacles when your just a new walker. Needless to say he spent much time on the ground. Hot showers were a must this trip! Here are a few pictures from this years adventure.

What a differance a year makes

(sorry the quality isn't very good it was an email picture that my friend took for me. )

So last year Myles went to see Santa. We waited almost an hour in line and he sat nicely for the picture. This year we waited all of 3 min. and sit nicely isn't what I would call it. More like scream your heart out. He hated Santa! Wouldn't stop crying till I took him off the lap of Santa. It's funny to see the differences between then and now.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Watch out world

Myles has finally taken to walking. He's a little drunk sailor at times, but overall not that bad for three days practice. He's now more than ever a handful at church. He doesn't want anything to do with sitting quietly on the bench. Life keeps moving on at the Dodd home...
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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Myles the Moose

Myles looks a little like a dear in the headlights in this picture

Our Church had it's annual Trunk-or-treat last Monday. It's a great idea, especially for people who live in Los Angeles that don't want their children to roam the streets collecting candy on Halloween. Everyone comes dressed in costumes and they have dinner, pumpkin carving, games and a spook alley for the kids and then everyone heads to the parking lot for "trunk-or-treating". It's a lot of fun and the kids love it. You don't worry about your kids getting scary things in their candy bags and the parents stand around and talk. It's fun for everyone. Myles and Bjorn dressed up as Moose, and I was the Pig. We won the pumpkin carving contest and I won for the funniest costume. All in all it was a great night.
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Telling Tuesday

This is a very sad little dog. He was vomiting all day Sunday. When this happens he goes outside to eat anything he can find, thus inducing more vomit. Well I guess he ate something that he was allergic to. In a 30 min. period this is what his face looked like. His entire face and mouth started to swell. So much so that he needed a steroid shot and some epinephrine to get him back to normal, well semi normal. I couldn't even lift his lip up to see his gums, his mouth was so swollen. I guess this is a lesson to us, don't let the dog eat everything in site!



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Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Dear Myles!

Myles turned 1 on the 1st of October. Since we were going to be in Utah over that time we had a Halloween theme party on the 3rd for him. It was fun. Lots of friends and family. Everyone dressed up and the kids all had a really great time together.

It's the pig and her pigglet and the farmer if you can't tell what we were going for.
(sorry I forgot to rotate this before importing it)
We ate a dinner of pizza, chicken Cesar salad, fruit sticks and veggie tray and dip. We followed it up by having Martha Steward pumpkin cake(for the
adults), witch and mummy cupcakes for the kids.

Myles wasn't too interested in eating or playing in his cupcake. I think he was getting sleepy.

Then the games really began. We played pin the tale of the black cat, and the witch hat ring toss. Then Myles opened a few gifts and everyone went home.

I think that everyone had a great time. Myles especially loved the party. He was a total ham when everyone was paying him attention. He learned to climb up the stairs (not down) and was laughing while holding the spindles. Thanks to mom and Kristin for lots of help getting things ready and picked up after.

*note* we ate dinner in the back yard at moms house, the following week we had six inches of snow in the back yard!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I never thought

"Telling Tuesday"
I never thought I would see this from my very busy little guy but as you can see someone decided not to sleep during nap time today. When you don't sleep in your bed I guess you sleep in the high chair during dinner!

Monday, September 22, 2008

The "Fruits" of our labors

Saturday night mom and I spent 5 hours canning peaches. In all we canned about 50 quarts, 25 for me and 25 for Dru. In December when we all come home for Christmas we will be able to take them to our respective homes. We still have pears to do this week as they get ripe and mom already did apricots for me. It's Yummy, Yummy stuff. I have found new respect for mom now that I have spent the day canning with her. Hours, and hours of canning isn't too much fun, until the end when you get to see the fruits of your labors that is!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hair cut anyone?!

These pictues are long overdue, but better late than never. Myles got his second haircut and he was making the most rediculous faces. I think the clippers tickled him. So cute, but my baby is gone, he is truely a little boy now.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Love/Hate relationships

(yes I know this picture is out of focus, but it's a really funny picture anyway)

So we have a Love, Hate relationship at our house. It all has to do with our family dog, Yoda. He's really lovely sometimes, and a real beast other times. I just don't know what to do at times. Let's just give you some history here. It all began back when I was pregnant the first time around. I has just had a miscarriage and I really wanted a baby, so I thought a dog might do. Well I found a really cute puggle online and he arrived about two months later. He was a great little guy. And for the most part he still is. If you want to sit and watch T.V. with your own personal heater just come on over because Yoda loves to sit on your lap and yes it is warm. Myles and Yoda love each other and Yoda is really patient with him. He never tries to bite or nip him. Myles hits, pulls, slobbers and Yoda takes it for a time. When he has had enough he gets up and moves to higher ground that Myles can't yet reach, my bed. So like I was saying, it's just certain times that I really want to open the door and let him run out and not find his way back.

Yoda has his share of problems. Let's just say that I'm not the only medicated person in the family. Yoda has "separation anxiety" so rather than let him continue to destroy our house when we leave him, we have opted to medicate him. It works well, but is expensive, although not as expensive as replacing all the things he could and has destroyed. What has he destroyed you say? Let me tell you: two remote controls, three leather ottomans, one web cam, one camera, countless shoes, several books including the binding on our wedding album, corner of a table and chair... the list goes on but honestly I can't remember all the things he has eaten. Now this isn't the only problem. He also will poop in the house if left alone. Not because he needs to or because he isn't potty trained, because he CAN. When left in a crate he will bark till we return and he scratches at the gate till I think his fingernails are going to fall out. He then will poop and roll in it so that you have to bathe him when you get him out.

The latest inconvenience in our life has been that the dog may have contracted worms. We won't know for sure till next week. The test takes two weeks to get back. And Yep, they are transferable and yep we may all get them too. The Vet told me that if any of us noticed unusual red spots on our skin to go to the doctor and have checked out. Well, Myles woke this morning with a red rash on his neck. Panicked that he had worms we called the doctor who saw us this afternoon. The long and the short of it is that the rash has nothing to do with worms, and that it isn't manifest in the same way for humans as for dogs. Myles is perfectly fine, but just the fact that we had to go to the doctor to find out makes me think "why do we have a dog!"

(Myles is 28.5 lbs btw)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Telling Tuesday

So Angie, my cousin, @ Seven Clown Circus has Photo Story Friday, and Wordful Wednesday and I'm going to start "Telling Tuesday."

For my first "Telling Tuesday" I wanted to share what I wake up to each morning. This little guy can now pull up on EVERYTHING and he especially loves to do it at the rail of the crib. What you can't see is that I also have beaver living in the crib. He, and his 6 little teeth, have eaten down to the bare wood. I haven't been able to find a plastic rail cap cover (if you know where I can get one please share) so for now I have wrapped it in fabric so I don't have this little guy ingesting anymore finish. What is a mother to do... especially when you are greeted with a smile like this!

Family filled weekend

Jamie, Shane, Bjorn and Myles

Saturday was Auntie Shiz' funeral services so it was a jam packed weekend filled with lots of Nakaya family. By Friday evening the events were well underway. Dinner in Burbank with Uncle Kaz, Janie, Karen, Mickey, Shorty and Bjorn and I. Then we went back to the house to chat while I waited till it was time to get Mom and Dad and Grandma from LAX. It was a Great to see everyone and we had such good food.

Saturday morning we met at the Church for services and a lunch to follow. It was great to see and meet all kinds of family. Joanne, Jamie, and Andrea and kids came up from San Diego, Josh came from Pasadena, we also met Kathy, Kaz' daughter, and Shiz' sister in law and nephew. There were many friends from the church to support Kaz. It really was a great gathering. Everyone sat around and talked for hours at the church, then we went back to the hotel where all the out-of-towners were staying. We talked and slept and hung out there even more and then ended for dinner at Kaz' house.

Jamie's kids are beautiful and fun. Shane, just one day younger than Myles, has been walking for more than a month. He is so cute and good natured like Myles. He and Myles look like each other a little too, although Myles is much larger than Shane. Natalie is a beauty just like her mother. She wasn't feeling well however and she ended up barfing in the car and they had to cut their weekend short to get her home.

Great Grandma and Myles

Sunday Kaz brought Grandma back to my house and we all had lunch till it was time to go to the airport. It was nice to see everyone and especially grandma. We can't believe how fast Grandma has lost her memory. She repeats herself all day long and asks the same questions. She must have told us that Monrovia has cute little homes ten times. Really sad.

Myles really did well through all the events considering there was only a 1/2 hour short nap. He was a hit with Janie, Karen, and Mickey. I'm also including this picture of Myles in his bear towel. It only took me a year to make it for him! I've made 10 or so since he was born, but all for gifts. Oh well better late than never. I sure to love a clean smelling baby boy.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Home makeover...renter style

So I've thought about it, blogged about it and now I've finally done the work. It was actually a collaborative effort from both the tenant (me) and the landlord ( the gardeners actually). I did the work for the patio and they did the lawn. I think it looks wonderful if I do say so myself. Anything would be better than the dirt I have been living with for the last 3 1/2 years. Check it out and see what you think.

Patio in progress before Patio after the work

This is before the grass

Friday, September 12, 2008

Pull my string

It seems as though Myles has a pull string. If pulled he will spin round and round. He didn't know I was watching, but I was and it was quite funny to me. I can go this way, I can go that way...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pain in my @#&!

And you thought I was going to say ASS, well I wasn't I was going to say gum. I recently needed to have an old root canal redone. It had developed an abscess at the top of the canal that needed to be removed. I wouldn't recommend anyone having this done. It's very painful as they can't go through the tooth once it has a crown on it. Rather they cut through the gum. It's NOT FUN. Watch at your own risk.! This video isn't for the faint of heart as I don't look good nor is the inside of my mouth a good look.

We're back baby!

We have FINALLY found a solution to the computer problems. I bought a Scan disk (thanks for the tip Ryan) that I plug into my USB port and then put my memory card from my camera into it. This allows me to download all my pictures and video clips to the computer thus allowing me to be able to post without Bjorn brining home his laptop! Stay tuned for more highlights.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Little monkey Mylo

This is what I found when I had to wake Myles up from his nap yesterday. He had a hard time falling asleep. I heard him mucking around in there for quite some time. I guess when he finally couldn't hold off sleep he just keeled over from his sitting spot. Too cute. Love those little sleeping babies, hate, hate, hate to wake them up.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The 3 little bears...

It was a great trip, the first one alone since Myles was born. Mom and dad came into town to watch Myles, I would miss him terribly, but knew he was in great hands. After all mother raised four great children of her own, not to mention the other ten grandchildren she has helped to raise. We would head out for Carmel, California on Saturday morning, arrive and meet Emily and Steve for lunch. It was a great start to a great vacation. That was until we tried to check into our hotel, The Carmel Resort Inn.

Emily and Steve had successfully checked into their little cottage, "Cannery Row", while Bjorn and I would be staying in "Forest". We checked out their room, and then walked over to ours. We opened the door and yep- it looked almost exactly the same as Emily and Steve's. I had to give props to Bjorn for getting the luggage out of the car so quickly. Oh, he hadn't, I hadn't given him a key card yet! We had been given a room that was already occupied. This room was just too CROWDED so back to the office we went.

They were very apologetic and gave us another room, "River Beach". This cottage had a sitting room to boot. It was great and we started to settle in. We unpacked our small cooler into the fridge and went to put a few things in the closet when- this room too was occupied ( I should have known when there was a beer in the fridge). I quickly shoved all our stuff back into it's bags and got out as quickly as I could, so not to be caught by the original occupant. This room was just too LARGE.

So once again it was back to the office. This time we were given "Carmel Lagoon" with a waterfall right outside our window. Now this room was JUST right!, and unoccupied.

It was a rough start, but it was a great trip filled with slow sidewalk shopping, great food, a beautiful drive along the 17 miles of Pebble Beach Golf Coarse, the aquarium, and great friends! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Thanks mom and dad for coming all that was to watch Myles. We needed a "grown-up" trip.

Sunday, August 31, 2008


Um............. so................. well here's the thing............I've started my own blog.
I kinda felt bad about all the posts and basically TAKING OVER the family one.
I've been thinking about it for months and months.
A couple of friends have asked me to do it.
I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me Brooke!
It's all Haydn's fault.
If you can find it in all your busy schedules to pop over and have a look. Tell me what you think and add me to your lists of blogs you heart!!!!
Cause I sure heart all your blogs.
Without them I'd be doing things like reading, playing with my kids, cooking dinner, wasteful things of that nature.
Jokes man jokes
Don't tell Bishop please Sis Moyes!!
I'm really only joking.
Kind of.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Moscow...and I don't mean Russia

I know we've used that title before but I think it's kinda cool.
ANYWAY da da da da daaaaaaaaaaaaa WE'RE HERE!!
Ahhhh yeah, look out Moscow the Nakaya's have moved into the town and are looking for some fun baby!
Yeah right..................3 years of law school fun for Dru and at least 2 years of cheap wheat and potatoes for me I guess.
I'll have to start stocking up for food storage.
So here's a pic of the outside of our apartment complex. We're on the second floor. So it's the one in the middle. There's about 3 or 4 more building attached to us on the left and one more on the right. There's also more behind us. So I'd say about 10 buildings maybe.
So we left at around 3 on Saturday and gave the job of driving the budget truck to Dru's parents. Thanks guys for taking one for the team. Much appreciated.
Masaru danced inbetween us and the truck on the way up.
We stopped for 'Outback' in Twin Falls and that's the best steak I've tasted in a long long time. I was almost off of red meat. Thanks Outback.
We stayed the night in Boise with a comp. of Dru's who'd graduated from U of I about 2 years ago. So he had all kinds of advice for Dru. I think we ended up getting maybe 2-3 hours of sleep.
Then we headed off to Moscow.
I'm with Megan. I thought we were gonna be getting these green rolling hills filled with pine trees but turns out it's rolling hills of wheat fields!!
I know green, and Moscow isn't it!! I'm sure if we travel a bit we'll find places though!! I'm looking forward to finding places to camp and hike.
So my first thoughts of Moscow WHAT THE CRAP HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO!!!!
So it was like a million degrees on that day we arrived. The manager said it was the hottest day so far. I'm thinking "Great, right when we're moving in"
So we got to work moving everything in!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can I just say WE HAVE A LOT OF CRAP!!!!!
I was thinking "Come on surely there's no more boxes" As they were bringing in more and more and more. It was like a maze in the Labrinth once we were finished. I couldn't find my children, I could hear them though, so I wasn't too worried!
Dru and Mas did most of the grunt work. Poor Mas man he was a wreck by the time it had finished. We might have put him off of helping any more of his kids move. Sorry guys.
I think it took him a week to get over it. It was tough work.
Some other dudes in the complex helped with the piano and Dru and his Dad did the rest. Great workers.
Shauna tried to unpack as much as she could. I just kinda stared at everything and sat down and kept staring.
The place was cute enough and clean. So that's good.
The girl next door said the girl who lived here was like Martha Stewart and kept this place immaculate. So lucky us. I told her not to judge how the house looked just yet!!!
I can be Martha Stewart right? I mean new beginnings, maybe that might be a goal. Melissa Nakaya.............the new Martha Stewart!
Come on, stop laughing, crazier things have happened!
It brought back memories of mission days in the sweltering heat and no way of cooling down!!
So what we needed was a great sleep and didn't get it cause I was getting up at 3:30AM to drop Dru's parents off at the Spokane airport.
So Spokane is a little greener. It was quite nice actually.
So I'm coming back from dropping them off and am ducking and diving and bobbing and weaving so I decided instead of killing myself, I'd pull off to the side of a road and sleep.
I got in about 1-2 hours woke up refreshed and THE CAR WOULDN'T START!
So here I am in the middle of WHO KNOWS WHERE and my car isn't starting.
Turns out I left the headlights on.....................nice move Melissa, I'm sure Martha Stewart wouldn't of done this.
So I put the top hood up and hope someone will stop.
Ah on a side note I'M IN MY PJ'S!!! Nice silky green ones. I don't think Martha would've done that either. My goal is slowly slipping right in front of me.
NO ONE STOPPED. So I had to get out there, in my PJ's and flag someone down. HOW EMBARRASSING!
So I go out there and try and the car just sped by me LOL
But the second car stopped. This lovely man in this tiny tiny car. I rang Dru and told him I was ok and then we set to work with the jumper cables.
The little car sounded like it was gonna rev right off the side road but it started up our land cruiser.
He followed me almost all the way. I leaned out the side window and waved to him when he left. What a nice man!! Thanks, whoever you are.

So I get home and Dru's like "What are we doing here?" Fortunatley I'd had my "What are we doing here" moment yesterday and was over it. So I reassured him everything was going to be ok and he started to come around. He said he was so happy I was home cause the morning was looking grim. Poor dude.
So I've got the house unpacked, finally.
We're on the internet, finally. Now we've just gotta get our phone up and running. It should all be here by Friday. I got this sweet deal from Vontage where I can pay $6 extra and call NZ as much as I want. So goodie goodie for me.
Nationwide calling, 2 months free, no activation fee and all the calls I want to NZ. For the low price of $30 a month. If your interested let me know cause if you say I reffered you I get another 2 months free. If we all pitch in maybe I could get the whole year free!!
So we went to church on Sunday and our children were on their worst behaviour. I hoping the bishop saw us sitting there at the front and was thinking "Man they look like they've got their hands full, we won't give them a calling"
Books, crayons, games, bags, papers, toys were all scattered along the front between us and the pulpit.
Yuki kept racing for the stairs. Cause she's walking now so it's easier for her to get to where she wants to go.

So here's a video of her walking. She was doing it right before we left but is a little faster and more confident now. She prefers walking to crawling now. She's TOO LITTLE TO BE WALKING.
I need another baby.
So we get into Sunday School and do the intro's and there's a bunch of other law firsts. So I looked at their wives cause I think we're going to be seeing a lot of each other LOL
I introduced myself in RS and said a little about us and this one girl after me says "Oh I'm so glad you're here because we used to be the oldest married couple here, now you guys are"
I'm like "ah thanks lady.............remind me not to be mates with you"
But everyone seemed to be REALLY nice.
The ward is TINY. So the chances of me getting a calling is slim to none I'm thinking. I just need to keep quiet and show them I have no talents.
So Dru's first day of school was yesterday and so far so good.
This is VERY LONG. And thanks for still being here and reading this. It means a lot.
I have more to say but it can be another post, another time.
I'd like to think you all missed me but I think it's like a fist in a bucket of water, once your out the water just takes back it's original shape and nobody knows your hand was in there.
Well that was a little depressing thought!!
Anyway the kids are good and we're ready to start our adventure.
Stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

He's on the move

Well he took his time, but he has finally done it. Myles is on the move as of yesterday! I can't believe how fast he can get around when he really wants to. It's bitter sweet for this momma, I love that he is making progress, but I hate that now my showers are going to be the most terrifying 5 min. of my life not knowing what he is getting into. I really took for granted all those months when he wasn't able to move around. I hope he learns to walk before we head to Yosemite for Thanksgiving. Camping in the cold with a crawling child may not be the best thing. At least they have hot showers for the days he eats dirt and everything else he can get is little paws on. Stay tuned for more...

The many faces he makes...

So Myles has become a bit of a "ham" at times. Especially when we are feeding him. I haven't caught all the funny faces but these are a few of my favorite. The first is the "Just try to get that spoon in my mouth", then the happy face of "do you want to see my two chompers?"(btw,he is cutting all four front teeth on top), then at a Dodgers baseball game he displayed his "punch drunk" face. So many faces for such a little boy. Man I love this kiddo!

The new "toy box's"

We are back baby(well sort of, it's a long story. The long and the short of it is that I have to transfer my pictures to Bjorn's work laptop, then onto a memory stick, and then to our computer for the internet ughhhhhhh)!

These posts are long over due, but here you go...

We finally medicated the dog so we got new ottomans, or toy box's as far as Myles is concerned. He tried to get into this one for a good while so I put him in and he played happily for almost an hour! I loved it that he couldn't get out and I could get a few thing done around the house without worrying what he was getting into.

The little boy was so tired after learning to pull up and kneel on the edge of the toy box.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

What I'm gonna miss!!!

Ok so to begin with I need to say that these pic's have nothing to do with anything. I just thought I'd put them up so you could have the latest and greatest of the kiddies. So if your thinking "What the heck does that have to do with anything" Well it doesn't so don't worry!! I just like my kids and my family haven't seen them for a little bit cause all my latest posts haven't had any pic's in them and when it all comes down to it I am suppose to be blogging for them!!
So getting to the point of this blog. This'll be my official LAST post I"ll be doing here in Utah. Ooooooooooooooooo boooo hoooooo poor Melissa. Really it doesn't count since the blogging world is it's own little planet so moving states doesn't matter in cyber space. You won't even notice. Except for the fact that I've been blogging almost daily for the last while and you won't be hearing from me for at least a week or probably more. Man how is everyone going to manage. Jokes man jokes. That sentence is totally sarcastic ok. I'm not up myself ..................... much!!
I"m going to miss many many things about Utah. I can't even believe I"m saying that. If you'd said "Your totally going to miss Utah Melissa" when I first moved here I'd be like "whatever man I hate this place"
But times gone by and I'm gonna miss it.
*First of all my house!!! I dunno if I"m ready to move BACK into an apartment or 'flat' as we call it back in good old NZ. Man I'm loosing about 400 feet in this move. It could be worse. So hopefully we can fit everything in and work through it. My kids will be sharing a room. They did in NZ so it should be all good baby.
*Family. I'm gonna miss my mother in law who is a few minutes up the road. She loves my kids to the fullest and is the best grandmother I could ask for. I can't improve her in anyway as a grandma and it's gonna be hard for not just me, but my children to not be 5 minutes away from her and their popa as well. I don't know who's gonna feed us and babysit my children at the last minute! I'm also gonna miss being around for when family comes into town and we all get together and eat and laugh and let the kids run wild around grandmas house. I'll miss my nakaya/johnson/dodd family.
*I'm gonna miss all of my 'mates' I've made here and become close to.
You all know who you are. And you all know how much I love you, yes you. I think you're all beautiful and I'm truely grateful for all of your friendships. What would I do without you all? You all make and keep me sane, you all motivate me, inspire me, support me, cry with me, laugh with me and make me feel beautiful in every way.
Thanks for accepting me for who I am and not judging me. Thanks for your love. It's meant the world to me and has made the difference between me loving Utah and just putting up with it.
I don't know how I"m going to cope without seeing you all and being able to talk and have fun with everyone. I hope I do ok without all of you. So if all of you can download then you can talk to me daily and see me and the kids. Just add me. melissanakaya. It'll be easy and it's free LOL
*I'm gonna miss how close all the shops are and the amounts of shops there are here in Bountiful AND also if Bountiful doesn't have it, I'm gonna miss being able to just drive 10 mins more and getting to where I need to be.
*Money!!!! I'm going to miss how much money we have at the moment and the fact we're in no debt (except our house)
*Ward. I'm gonna miss my ward. I'm gonna miss how great it is.
*My street. I'm gonna miss all the families and relationships on my street as well as how quiet it is and the friendships my son has with the neighbourhood kids. Time to toughen up Melissa and actually parent now instead of letting the 'village' parent your child.
*Gym. I'm gonna miss how close the gym is and how comfortable I feel their with the classes and teachers. I'm gonna miss how cheap it is as well.
*Smiths. I love Smiths. I can drop Masaru off and go shop for an hour and most of the time, get the best prices and they just signed me up for a baby club and said I can get all this money back!! LITTLE TOO LATE SMITHS!!!!

Well now I've gotten that off my chest I need to try to get at least 5 hours sleep and be a busy worker bee tomorrow and friday to make this move a good one.
Usually when I get really stressed I go into shut down mode and Dru's left to pick up the pieces. I've only done it twice I think and I'm pretty sure both times were during a 'move'.
So far, so good this week. Two more days to get through and then I'm onto the next step.
It doesn't help that I haven't been eating right or exersizing the last 2 weeks either. I need those two things to keep me sane!
Alright, alright I"ve blabbed enough now.
Thanks for reading if you're down to this bottom part. Great committment.
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Monday, August 11, 2008

Thanks Laura

Sorry Carrie, I know this is grossing you out!!!!
The other day I recieved my first pedicure! I was pretty excited. I think it turned out great. I love looking at my toes and seeing how cute they look.
Thanks Laura. What a great birthday gift!!
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Monday, August 4, 2008

COME ON peeps. This'll be fun....................for me!!

Here are the rules:
1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!
2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

I KNOW I KNOW.........................................

Ok so I've been tagged again. I can see the eyes rolling already and the big sighs coming out of your mouth.
It's a short one.
Bare with me, maybe you'll learn something new.

Family, Friends, Gospel.

Dark, Spiders, Horror Movies

Loose 45 pounds, keeping on top of housework, scriptures and prayers daily.

Blogging, Eating, talking.

I CAN'T STAND my hair on the back of my neck and around my face, which is why my hair is always tied up. Anyone have any suggestions for a cute hair style for a soccer ball face which I can wear OUT.
I'm VERY lazy at heart.
I'm very nearly ALWAYS late for things. Dru asked me why one day and I said "I guess I just don't see it as important to be there on time, the world won't come to an end if I'm not there"
He said "Don't you see it as a sign of disrespect?"
I had nothing.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Technical Difficulty

Hi there- I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, I just don't have what I need to download my stuff. I need a new cord for my camera as the old one just isn't working and I can't transfer anything from the camera to the computer. I have fun stuff to blog about, and no way to do it. I will order the cord today and hopefully will be up and running soon. Stay tuned...

Fun road trip game!!!

So I've been tagged. I was explaining to Dru about it and he said it sounded like a fun game to play on a road trip with each other or a mate.
I guess we've got road trip on the mind since in 2 weeks we're taking a 10 hour one!!
So read on if you want. It's a lot of questions. I'll be impressed if you make it through.

Nope just my middle name. I think everyone knows that story though. Jeane is french and is a guy who save my grandpa in the second world war. My dad's middle name is Jeane and obviously mine is and Masaru's is. I'm hoping Masaru's future wife will be ok with naming their first kids middle name Jeane. We'll see.

Hmmmmmmmmm well I think it might be at this lesson I did at relief society a couple of Sundays ago. It wasn't much of a cry though, a few tears! (Yeah right)


It changes with my mood. At the moment I like this turkey with sun dried tomato seasoning that you can get at Smiths.

2 a boy and a girl

Yeah I think I'd really like me. If I could get past some stupid things I say we'd be great mates.

Yes. My MTC Pres. wife did a lesson on it one Sunday and stared at me the whole time. Her and her hubby didn't like me much. I'm glad they were just my MTC leaders and not my mission.


That's a big h@#$ no. I've had many opportunities. I decided to spend my money on a jewlery box instead.

Raisin Bran


Physically average, mentally yes.

A good raspberry with magic shell topping. If no magic shell anything chocolate.

Jewelery. How much they smile.

Red, for sure red.

My weight. And my calves. They're abnormally humoungous. But in saying that I'm glad they function well.

My nieces and nephews in NZ.

I don't think this applies.

No pants, no shoes.

Granola I made myself.

Masaru in the bathtub.


Fresh bread, new baby and fresh cut grass.


Yes. My son talks about her all the time now, and how she's having a little baby.

Gymnastics and athletics.

Dark blonde

Green, blue



Happy endings. I can't even watch a trailer for a scary movie.

The new batman.




I really like nice fruit that you can dip in that strawberry cool whip stuff.

No one.

That would be no one.

I'm not. Last book I read was Jayne Ere

It's a laptop. There is no mouse pad.

So you think you can dance.

My two kids laughing hysterically.

Dunno. I like both.


Putting my foot in my mouth.

Dunedin, New Zealand.

I'm gonna tag: Katie (ok this means you need to start a blog Katie)
and Kelly Resgister (this means you too Kelly)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mozart, here we come!

Many of you know that I've been looking for just the right piano for about three years. I know, three years is a long time, but truthfully, it really just comes down to money. I wanted an old upright grand and I'd hoped to get one that was already restored, but eventually realized that I might have to settle for something that I could restore bit by bit, as I could afford it. Anyway, we found this piano in Boise and drove up (and back) last Friday to pick it up. It is arts & crafts (mission) influenced, which seems very hard to find and is what we love. We may not even need to restore the exterior as much as we'd thought since it cleaned up so well when we brought it home. The inside needs considerable work, which is ok with us since we both love it. Several of you asked me to post pics, so here we go.