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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Selfish or Not?

I'm just interested to see what everyone else thinks about this mother of the Octuplets.  Keep in mind that she already has 6 kids at home,  lives with her parents, has no job, no education and no spouse to help share the load.  So what do you think?

Here is what I think:  I'm not fond of the Doctor who would transfer SIX embryo back to her uterus.  Especially when the CDC recommendation is no more than 4.  In other parts of the world Doctors can loose their medical license if they transfer more than one.    I also don't like the fact that Cal. tax payers are going to pick up the tab for this little adventure she has embarked upon.  

Now don't get me wrong.  I think that IVF is wonderful technology.  I have been the beneficiary of it twice now, but I don't think that a single mother of 6 who isn't self sufficient should having this many children.  At some point I wonder when the state is going to have to step in and take some of the children due to neglect.  It's almost inevitable when there is only one parent to go around to 14 kids who are going to have very special needs.