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Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring break in San Francisco

Spring break caught us off guard this year.  Since this is our first year of public school we are just now getting used to planning around the school calendar.  I didn't think about spring break till about two weeks before.  The kids had been bugging us to go camping since last fall when our camping trip to the local mountains had to be canceled due to the federal government shut down.  We agreed this would be a great time to go, but where?  Yosemite and Sequoia both too cold still.  Enter China Camp.  A state beach just 20 min. North of San Fransisco.  It was a perfect spot to spend our short time.  We arrived on Saturday afternoon and would spend three days exploring the area and then pack up the 5th day.  The only hitch, rain.  Lots. of. rain.  And did I mention there was rain?!

 The campground was great.  We'll kept, with many ammenities, even hot showers and flush toilets.  Camping is well and good, but, if you leave camping land and enter society I must have access to a hot shower.  If I'm in the mountains with no city in sight I can do without a shower.

 We were greeted by the camp wild turkeys and gaggle of quail.  That night we were serenade by a pack of coyotes, and I assume a honeymooning couple (if you know what I mean;).)  The next morning we where woken by the local wood pecker.

Day 1: San Fransisco.  Golden Gate Bridge, drive through the Presidio, Lombard Street, the Embarkedero,  historic cable car ride, J-town.  This was a beautiful sunny and warm day.  The kids loved the trolley car ride.  They could spend the whole day just ridding.  A short, but fun visit, to J-town where we met up with Auntie Janie and Uncle Eric.

Day 2:  Muir woods.  The trees are AMAZING.   The rain held off just long enough to get us through the forest.  We then had a picnic lunch in the car and a short drive over to Point Reyas.  It was raining too hard to get out but it was still quite beautiful. 

Day 3: Back to the city for a day of trolly riding,  aquarium visit, fortune cookie factory visit and taste test, dim sum trying, San Francisco Giants stadium looking and a late dinner. 

The rain got the better of us on night three.  Our tent is more of a summer time tent and thus we set out to find another bohemith tent when we got home.  We may be few in number, but we like our space.  When the rain is coming down you need room to entertain three lil ones inside the tent.  All in all, a great trip.  My kids are having such a great time trying new things and visiting new places.  It reminds me of my own childhood.  Thanks mom and dad!