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Monday, August 25, 2008

Moscow...and I don't mean Russia

I know we've used that title before but I think it's kinda cool.
ANYWAY da da da da daaaaaaaaaaaaa WE'RE HERE!!
Ahhhh yeah, look out Moscow the Nakaya's have moved into the town and are looking for some fun baby!
Yeah right..................3 years of law school fun for Dru and at least 2 years of cheap wheat and potatoes for me I guess.
I'll have to start stocking up for food storage.
So here's a pic of the outside of our apartment complex. We're on the second floor. So it's the one in the middle. There's about 3 or 4 more building attached to us on the left and one more on the right. There's also more behind us. So I'd say about 10 buildings maybe.
So we left at around 3 on Saturday and gave the job of driving the budget truck to Dru's parents. Thanks guys for taking one for the team. Much appreciated.
Masaru danced inbetween us and the truck on the way up.
We stopped for 'Outback' in Twin Falls and that's the best steak I've tasted in a long long time. I was almost off of red meat. Thanks Outback.
We stayed the night in Boise with a comp. of Dru's who'd graduated from U of I about 2 years ago. So he had all kinds of advice for Dru. I think we ended up getting maybe 2-3 hours of sleep.
Then we headed off to Moscow.
I'm with Megan. I thought we were gonna be getting these green rolling hills filled with pine trees but turns out it's rolling hills of wheat fields!!
I know green, and Moscow isn't it!! I'm sure if we travel a bit we'll find places though!! I'm looking forward to finding places to camp and hike.
So my first thoughts of Moscow WHAT THE CRAP HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO!!!!
So it was like a million degrees on that day we arrived. The manager said it was the hottest day so far. I'm thinking "Great, right when we're moving in"
So we got to work moving everything in!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can I just say WE HAVE A LOT OF CRAP!!!!!
I was thinking "Come on surely there's no more boxes" As they were bringing in more and more and more. It was like a maze in the Labrinth once we were finished. I couldn't find my children, I could hear them though, so I wasn't too worried!
Dru and Mas did most of the grunt work. Poor Mas man he was a wreck by the time it had finished. We might have put him off of helping any more of his kids move. Sorry guys.
I think it took him a week to get over it. It was tough work.
Some other dudes in the complex helped with the piano and Dru and his Dad did the rest. Great workers.
Shauna tried to unpack as much as she could. I just kinda stared at everything and sat down and kept staring.
The place was cute enough and clean. So that's good.
The girl next door said the girl who lived here was like Martha Stewart and kept this place immaculate. So lucky us. I told her not to judge how the house looked just yet!!!
I can be Martha Stewart right? I mean new beginnings, maybe that might be a goal. Melissa Nakaya.............the new Martha Stewart!
Come on, stop laughing, crazier things have happened!
It brought back memories of mission days in the sweltering heat and no way of cooling down!!
So what we needed was a great sleep and didn't get it cause I was getting up at 3:30AM to drop Dru's parents off at the Spokane airport.
So Spokane is a little greener. It was quite nice actually.
So I'm coming back from dropping them off and am ducking and diving and bobbing and weaving so I decided instead of killing myself, I'd pull off to the side of a road and sleep.
I got in about 1-2 hours woke up refreshed and THE CAR WOULDN'T START!
So here I am in the middle of WHO KNOWS WHERE and my car isn't starting.
Turns out I left the headlights on.....................nice move Melissa, I'm sure Martha Stewart wouldn't of done this.
So I put the top hood up and hope someone will stop.
Ah on a side note I'M IN MY PJ'S!!! Nice silky green ones. I don't think Martha would've done that either. My goal is slowly slipping right in front of me.
NO ONE STOPPED. So I had to get out there, in my PJ's and flag someone down. HOW EMBARRASSING!
So I go out there and try and the car just sped by me LOL
But the second car stopped. This lovely man in this tiny tiny car. I rang Dru and told him I was ok and then we set to work with the jumper cables.
The little car sounded like it was gonna rev right off the side road but it started up our land cruiser.
He followed me almost all the way. I leaned out the side window and waved to him when he left. What a nice man!! Thanks, whoever you are.

So I get home and Dru's like "What are we doing here?" Fortunatley I'd had my "What are we doing here" moment yesterday and was over it. So I reassured him everything was going to be ok and he started to come around. He said he was so happy I was home cause the morning was looking grim. Poor dude.
So I've got the house unpacked, finally.
We're on the internet, finally. Now we've just gotta get our phone up and running. It should all be here by Friday. I got this sweet deal from Vontage where I can pay $6 extra and call NZ as much as I want. So goodie goodie for me.
Nationwide calling, 2 months free, no activation fee and all the calls I want to NZ. For the low price of $30 a month. If your interested let me know cause if you say I reffered you I get another 2 months free. If we all pitch in maybe I could get the whole year free!!
So we went to church on Sunday and our children were on their worst behaviour. I hoping the bishop saw us sitting there at the front and was thinking "Man they look like they've got their hands full, we won't give them a calling"
Books, crayons, games, bags, papers, toys were all scattered along the front between us and the pulpit.
Yuki kept racing for the stairs. Cause she's walking now so it's easier for her to get to where she wants to go.

So here's a video of her walking. She was doing it right before we left but is a little faster and more confident now. She prefers walking to crawling now. She's TOO LITTLE TO BE WALKING.
I need another baby.
So we get into Sunday School and do the intro's and there's a bunch of other law firsts. So I looked at their wives cause I think we're going to be seeing a lot of each other LOL
I introduced myself in RS and said a little about us and this one girl after me says "Oh I'm so glad you're here because we used to be the oldest married couple here, now you guys are"
I'm like "ah thanks lady.............remind me not to be mates with you"
But everyone seemed to be REALLY nice.
The ward is TINY. So the chances of me getting a calling is slim to none I'm thinking. I just need to keep quiet and show them I have no talents.
So Dru's first day of school was yesterday and so far so good.
This is VERY LONG. And thanks for still being here and reading this. It means a lot.
I have more to say but it can be another post, another time.
I'd like to think you all missed me but I think it's like a fist in a bucket of water, once your out the water just takes back it's original shape and nobody knows your hand was in there.
Well that was a little depressing thought!!
Anyway the kids are good and we're ready to start our adventure.
Stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Grimm's Fairytales said...

sounds like a good way to start your adventures up there. Good luck

Kristin said...

OK. I don't even know where to start. Let's just start with the grand tour. I especially liked the up close view of where you put your shoes. It's good to know that little space exists. the rest of the apt. looks great. You did cram quite a bit of stuff in there, and yes, I hear you did almost kill Dad, and mom. They are getting too old for these transcontinental moves. As for the Martha Stewart goal, I'm thinking, why stress yourself out? aim a bit lower, like, Rachel Ray or something. No one needs the pressure of trying to be Martha. Next, the 'if I keep quiet and show I have no talents' comment. I'd like to see you TRY to keep quiet. Sorry, I don't see that happening. YOU? Quiet? LOL. You'll get called to be the new RS pres. w/in the year I'm betting. I can't believe Yuki is walking already!!! She's not even a year old. Of course you know this, but I'm just floored, cuz none of my kids walked before a year, and they weren't as chubby. Well, Tess was, but it took her the longest I think to get all that mass upright. She's so cute. We watched that little clip like 4 times all the while Ella is yelling in my ear YUKI! YUKI! and then, "Where's Saru?" Well, I can't remember the rest of what I was going to say, but know this, We will miss you! No one can ever take your fists place in our bucket of water. (really weird metaphor btw)

Mandi Lloyd said...

I laugh out loud at your blogs. I'm glad you guys are getting settled.

Sarah said...

Looks like the place will work out. Great details and movie. Keep looking at those pictures above the bed when Dru is away for 12+ hours and remember that you'll meet many new friends who will pick you up in your green silk jammies! We DO miss you..and send our best wishes. XOXOXO

angie said...

Sounds like our day rolling in to Worcester.....they said it was one of the hottest days too......They LIED. Good luck making lots of new friends.......the time will fly right by.

Carrie said...

We miss you Melissa! Looks like you got moved in quickly. Great place. Good luck on getting a group of mates together up there. Hope you have fun. Now, hurry up the next three years, and move home!

Robyn said...

Melissa you make me laugh so hard! I'm so glad that you guys made it safe and sound. I think that is hilarious that your battery went dead on the side of the road, while wearing green silky pajamies. Many great adventures for you to experience and us to enjoy vicariously through your great posts. Really...we do miss you so much!

Laura said...

Hey!!! Love the new place it looks really nice, i can't believe you are all put together so fast. Yukiko Mei is WAY to little to be walking, shouldn't they wait until they are at least one?!?!

I miss you and look forward to seeing you VERY soon! Lov ya tons!

Ryan said...
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Leslie said...

Sorry, I accidentally posted as Ryan. I know it seems like it will be forever, but really it will pass before you know it. Especially when you get busy with the kids and made friends. Your place looks great, a lot like our first place in Wisconsin. I hope it cools off soon and that you don't have to move again for a loooonnnnnngggg while! Thanks for hooking up with Vonage, we've been using for two years and have loved it, yet can't seem to get anyone else to try it! Looking forward to the 2 free months!

Jeanine said...

Welcome to Idaho, Woman! Spice it up, up there, will 'ya?! It looks too drab.

Talbot Family said...

Wow, what an adventure! I can't even begin to imagine how crazy things were, and then the sleeping car incident on top of it all? For sure this needs to be recorded for your posterity! Good luck in Moscow, you will be great there and such a "matriarch" for the ward now (he he). I will be waiting in suspense for the next big adventure.

Emily said...


Welcome to your home, I can't believe you've got it unpacked so fast! Its a cute place, awesome closet space, and my favorite was when you mentioned the shower, its like bathing every time, "Nice!" :)lol. Well, talking to you was perfect for me, right before Riley started this adventure, I feel myself already being way more understanding, thanks friend. You won't be able to hide your talents Melissa, but good luck trying. I can't believe Yuki is walking, she was adorable tottling down that hall way. Well, maybe you are thinking of our book "Winter Wheat" we read. Its gotta have its charm. I had to laugh about your shiny green pajamas, they weren't only green, but shiney too. Good for you for pulling over, and good thing the man was a nice man to help, and not a pervert. :) God is watching you, and maybe this girl, who mentioned your age, might end up your best mate of all, won't that be ironic. I found out that Riley didn't keep his scholarship, we just have to keep sanity, and he was up till 3:00 yesterday with his job, he's working too. I told him no more than 2 or 3 nights, and preferabley not in a row, and I will try to stay up with him, atleast until I fall asleep :) Well, truthfully I have two crying beauties, they certainly aren't sleeping. So jet-a-rooo!
love ya, Em

Colleen said...

I was so hoping that BYU would have worked out for you guys. Thanks for the laughs. I think I have killed the battery in my van 5 times in the last month from leaving the interior light on so don't be too hard on yourself for leaving the headlights on. Love your posts Melissa.

RaShawn said...

What an exciting adventure you are having. Best of luck. Oh, and I miss see you.

Janie said...

Wow, I can't believe you guys are really up there! What a move...I liked watching your little videos...esp. looking at the shower. Yuki walking was fun, but I wish you had done a close up of her face!
Good luck -- I know you all will be just fine and do well. Hugs to Masaru and Yuki and both of you, too. Love, Auntie Janie

Jeff, Linetta, Sydni and Shelby said...

We're happy your family made it there safely. We love to read your blogs...almost like hearing you talk! Send us an e-mail at so we can invite you to our blog. Good luck in school Dru!

The Mendisabal's said...

We miss you! We miss you! Having your fist in our bucket fills it up, we wouldn't be complete without you in our lives!
Wow! I can't believe how quickly you got everything unpacked and pictures up on the wall ALREADY! The place looks cute!

Kelly said...

Melissa and Dru! We will update our blog one of these days, but it was great to hear how things are going and to hear about the start of your adventures. I just read your post to my Mom (I've got her on the phone)and she says, "There is a big disturbance in the bucket! We miss you and notice that you are gone and we love you all and are thinking of you and praying for you and missing you! Love, Sharyl (and Kelly)

Tiffany said...

So...I liked the tour of the house. So it only took me half of the movie to realize my sound was turned off. So it was a lot more interesting after that!! So I can't believe you have pictures hanging on your walls. So it always takes me at least two weeks to get to that, much to Zeke's dislike. So I'm glad Yuki is walking, it is so much fun to watch. So I can't wait to hear more about life in Idaho. So you know I love you, right!?

Brooke said...

20 comments, how many people do you know?! Glad your there and all unpacked. You forgot to tell me about the battery dying on the way back from the airport. Glad you made it ok. Love the footage of Yuki walking the hall. She is so cute man. Kisses

Haydn said...

you sound super excited to be there in your video hahahahahaaha. and awwww yuki is so you

Carrie said...

Melissa... Hey.. sorry about the Skype thing. Brad was talking to his best friend in Japan. He probably didn't realize you were trying to message. The website for a blog book is Good luck! Now, are you going to make all of our blogs into a book like we talked about? If you do, I wanna see your library when you're done!

Gunnisac Sandersons said...

You will be very missed!!!! I just love people that say stupid things. I do it all the time!!! Have since I was 8. You think I'd learn. I hope you all have a blast in Id. What an adventure and all. Good luck Dru and I hope the classes don't kill ya!

Holby said...

ok, I hate to rub it in, but I can't resist...not only was it crazy that you didn't stop to see us on your way through, but we were even eating at Outback with my dad and stepmom that night. They came up to visit us and of all places to eat...they chose the Outback. I was mad because they wouldn't make me an Aussie Works Burger like good ole Hungry Jacks made. Oh well. You must promise to call us next time to drive through Twin Falls so we can take you guys out. I MEAN IT!!!! :) I hope you are enjoying Moscow. I'm sure it's beautiful up there.

Kayla said...

I miss you!!!! Lots! I cried on the way home after I came to say good-bye to you. There is a disturbance in the bucket and don't you forget it!!

Clark Captions said...

Wow Melissa! I hope everything goes well with Dru and school and all. It looks like you guys are getting settled in......we wish you the best of luck with everything! Hang in there!

Charisse said...

Reading your post totally brought back lots and lots of memories. Some good -like all of the amazing friends we made, the farmers market, the beautiful fields of wheat, driving15 mins away to chop down our Christmas tree, etc. And then the bad like the short daylight hours during the winter and being far away from home. However, you will make lots of friends that become your family. By the way- I know you said you would miss your gym but you will love the rec center there on campus. It's really nice and has lots of great classes. I wish Dru the best of luck with school. Have fun!!