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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Smashed in the waves!

Well last weeks Taupo trip was good. We went for a swim in the lake and it was crystal clear! I couldn't believe it! Even when it was over our heads we could still see to the bottom. I wonder how far out it would've been clear till?
We met the horses on the way out and fed them. Masaru thought that was great! We went rock climbing as well and it was a bit of a tramp to get there. We made a sling out of a blanket for Yuki and climbed around the rocks and mud to get there. I should've gotten a picture of that. This land is owned by a maori family from back in the day and it's just a beautiful plot of land on the lake front that they allowed us to be a part of for the day. Man I was born into the wrong family!!!
Then yesterday we went to the beach in Tauranga and had a blast. I took a video of Masaru getting smashed in the waves, hence the title, but alas I can't put it on here. I don't know how to download picassa stuff onto this. Anyway I guess we miss out. It's pretty funny cause he's lying down and this little wave comes up then this huge wave comes crashing into him and knocks him over and he runs out and looks like he's all upset, only to run straight back in again and ask for more!! I'm really glad we went. Kat brought a tent, which was a saviour for Yuki. She slept in there and seemed to be alright. It was a fun day for all finishing off with fresh fish and chips on the warf front from a little shop Kat knew about.
Dru Nakaya Clan