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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Utah visitors

We had my parents and my two nieces, Tess and Kate for a visit the beginning of June.  I'm just getting around to documenting it all.  Sadly the only photo I have is this one.  It was just before leaving for Disneyland the first day.  I had made shirts for my kids at the beginning of the season and the girls wanted to make sure that I would be making them for Tess and Kate too.  After all, what else would you wear to Disneyland if you didn't wear your "Disneyland shirt"?

We enjoyed them for a week of fun in the California Sun (except at the beach).  We visited Disneyland two days, the beach at Newport, Long Beach Aquarium, and the L.A. Zoo.  It was really fun for my kids to get to play with their cuzzie's from Utah.  I loved having them here and hope they will come back often.  
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Fathers Day 2013


We love our daddy, even if we are a bit silly.  
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Myles Pre-school Graduation

Myles has graduated from First Presbyterian Pre-school.  He had such a great time there for the last two years.  He will miss his teachers and friends he made there, but will go on to Kindergarten at Bradoaks Elementary with at least 3 of the boys from his class.  The girls will stay for another year at FPPS followed by their entrance into Kindergarten the following year.  I can't believe I'm the mother of a Kindergartner.  Time has moved so quickly...
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4th of July

It was a fun filled 4th.  We started the day with swim lessons, followed by Dispicible Me 2 movie, and a BBQ with our good friends the Terrills.  After the BBQ we drove to the center of town to watch the fire works above the library.  What a great way to spend the day.  Friends, fun, food.  Need I say more?!
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Say "Cheese"

Myles has had this loose tooth for about a month now.  I've made the tooth fairy pillow and we have had many talks about how to pull that sucker out.  He would wiggle it once per day, IF I reminded him, so I was shocked when he announces from the back seat, that his tooth has fallen out.  When I turned around to inspect it hadn't fallen out, he had just made major progress on it and it was just hanging on by a thread. We were driving home from St. George and I didn't have access to my camera.  I told him to "hold on" till we got home and I could take a photo of the monumental even.  As soon as we got home it was out.  He didn't even flinch or cry or fuss about it and the small amount of blood that comes with it.  He just couldn't stop laughing.  His new tooth was already poking through so it's no wonder that thing came out.  

Here he is with his new toothless grin.  I think he looks so very cute.  HE thinks he looks so cute without his tooth.  Audrey keeps telling him he looks WEIRD.  To which he says, "that hurts my feelings Audrey."
The girls are counting down the days till their #5 birthday (319 days), so their teeth can fall out too! He was especially excited to show me that the tooth fairy had left him a 2 dollar bill in his tooth's place.  He and the girls have been brushing well in hopes to get more money for teeth that are "clean" vs. teeth that have fillings in them ( hey whatever gets them to brush, right!.) 
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