Motherhood = going crazy one day at a time!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Big boy bed

Myles has been transitioned out of the crib, and into the queen size bed. I have to admit the first night I thought I was going to regret doing this. He came out of the room about 5 times and was awake for a LONG time. The problem was that he could get out of bed by himself, but couldn't get back into bed without help. We quickly found a stool to place at the end of the bed. When I finally checked on him, hours later, this is what I found.

Little Myles asleep peering with his head poked through the curtain, with his head off the edge of the bed. The other two nights have gone MUCH better. He hasn't come out of the room at all, and has only cried till the bedroom door shuts. Maybe he knows that we aren't going to come and "save him" if he continues to cry so why bother. He has even been sleeping in the right direction when I have checked on him. The only down side to the bed; when he wakes up in the morning he can get out of bed! Then he comes to get ME out of bed! What a bummer! You gotta love being a mommy at 6:30 am. And speaking of Mommies and Daddies, why is it that he only wants the Mommy? Why doesn't he ever want the Daddy during times when parents like to be sleeping.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Snow in September in So. Cal

This is my freshly washed car now covered in snow/ash

I woke up today thinking it was a really nice cloudy overcast day. Well, not so. It is cloudy, but not the kind of clouds you are thinking of. They are of the kind that are big and gray and full of ash. The fire in La Canada( about 20 miles away) is putting out all kinds of ash into our air. I was all excited to take the kids for a walk, but with it raining ash. I looked at the car and wondered, "did it snow." It doesn't snow in So. Cal but every 20 years or so. No, this isn't snow, it's lot's and lot's of ash. I think we will wait for a better day to take a walk.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Note to Self

Picture this:

I strap all three kids in the car. We drive to the local "do it yourself" car wash. I pull into the bay leaving the car running, it's already 80* and it's only 8AM. I get out of the car, go to the machine and get my quarters. I walk back to the bay, put in my quarters and select high pressure soap. I proceed to lather the car up and wash it down. By now my time is almost up and the machine is beeping at me to add more quarters or it's going to shut off in 16 seconds. I quickly add a few quarters to get me through the rinse process. I'm rushing like a mad woman because I have no more quarters to add, and I need to finish getting all the soap off the car. One side down, one more to go. I round the back of the car, now to the last side, the side of the car that Myles sits on. He is strapped in his seat this time. I'm spraying like crazy when all the sudden I can see this look on his little face, then a little scream. Then I realize what has happened here. He has OPENED his window and I am now spraying off the entire inside of the car and Myles is dripping wet. I quickly stop and start yelling, ahhhhh...

Note to Self: when washing the car while kids are still in the car, mom MUST put power windows on lock so as not to flood the inside of the car!

I'm telling you, I just shouldn't go to the car wash. Every time I have in the last few weeks it hasn't turned out good! Plus now it's been two hole days and my car is covered in little while bits of ash from one of the many fires near our home. GREAT, so glad I washed the outside, and inside of the car.