Motherhood = going crazy one day at a time!

Friday, September 14, 2007

*8 Things You Might Not Know About Me*

Okay, so I hardly have time to blow my own nose these days, but I feel like I hardly here goes!

#8 As a teenager I attended the Richard Marx performance at the U stadium for the fourth of July celebration, and had to be pulled from among the crazy fans by a bouncer so that I wasn’t crushed in the mayhem. I was really embarrassed wearing my stonewashed denim mini-skirt…I wonder how many people saw my underwear? (I know, RICHARD MARX!?!)

#7 I used to tell my friends that I only wanted to have boys when I grew up and married, nope, no daughters…I’m so glad for my boys, but the irony! Be careful what you wish for!

#6 When I walk (especially coming up stairs) my ankles often crack. My mom always said I could never sneak up on her because she would hear me coming. I’ve been told that it is probably just a freaky tendon that moves and makes the cracking sound when it snaps back into place.

#5 Growing up I wanted to be (besides a mom) a TV news anchor, an air traffic controller, a Speech Pathologist, and a Nurse/Dr. Apparently my stripper name is “Ginger Silverstream”…think it’s too late to make a go of it?

#4 My first marriage happened in the 4th grade to Darin Stettler. He gave me a pearl ring that he took from his mom’s jewelry box. I was sick about the whole thing and we “divorced” the next day.

#3 Deciding to marry Ryan was one of my hardest (but greatest) decisions to date. I was working on going on a mission until he intervened. We’re still planning on going on a mission together someday.

#2 When I have a sweet tooth I crave a couple of things: A Caramello candy bar or a cookie from Cutler’s (sugar or mint brownie). If it’s bad enough though anything sweet will do.

#1 I am on my way to officially dealing drugs. Nursing clinical this past week focused on starting I.V.’s and I’m a little freaked out about sticking somebody in the arm. It looks like I'd also better make Davis’ Drug guide my new best friend.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Name for this girl!!

Alright we're down to a week and Dru and I aren't too close to picking a name. But we've got it down to five. So if you'd like to comment on your favourite one, and put your vote in, that'd be fine. So Brooke, Angie, Kristin and maybe Leslie, here we go Lol.
There you have it. Actually I also like the name Jayda so I'm going to throw that in as well. Lol. I told Dru we might go home and she'll still be 'baby girl' and he's determined for that not the happen as apparently it's a hassle to get the name on the birth certificate after the fact. So I guess we've got one day, once she's born. I can't believe this has been so hard for us considering how easy the name Masaru was for us. I hope we don't have this much trouble with our next kid!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Note to self...

OK, so my friend that just delivered a week ago was saying how nice it will be to not be pregnant with a belly that gets in the way all the time. I didn't really understand what she was talking about until my little mis-hap with the iron. I was making the quilt top for Dru and Melissa's baby girl and I was ironing one of the sections. I usually iron on a quarterly basis so I haven't done any for a while(sorry mom I just don't see the need to iron everything.) Well since my belly has expanded I guess I need to make some minor adjustments. I was standing a little too close the the ironing board and when the iron passed by it got me. Yep right through my g's and all( it was one of those really hot days and all I was wearing was my underwear.) Note to self...step away from the iron...This quilt must be a labor of love because for anyone else I would have just quit and said it will have to wait. Well, I finished the top and still have the quilting to do but it is well on it's way to completion. Hope you like it!

P.S. the picture makes my belly look extremely large, it's not that big, it's just the angle of the camera. You know when you are doing your own camera work it's hard to get a good shot!

Monday, September 10, 2007

8 Random things about Milz!!

#1 Every other year I usually loose my voice for about a week.

#2 I like to eat vegemite with lettuce as well as cheese or cottage cheese on warm toast, oh it's so yummy!

#3 My middle name Jeane is after a French man in the second world war who saved my Grandad Wright's life in a fighter plane. My father's middle name is Jeane as well.

#4 My little toenail only started getting a little second growth of a nail on it, like Dru's, after I married him!!!! It's like I've got two nails on my little toe growing out. How random is that!!

#5 I got the nicname Milz in highschool around 14 years old and it's stuck with me for the rest of my life. I don't know why Milz!!!

#6 I didn't think Dru was good looking when we first met and even 2 weeks out of marrying him would ask myself if I was really attracted to him!!! Lol Of course things are different now.

#7 I can talk to my sister on the phone for 2 hours probably every day!!

#8 I've only got a few things I'd like done to the house and then I'd like all our money to go on traveling around the world as a family or maybe living and working in different countries. That'd be so exciting and fun for all of us.

Tag, your it!

So now that I have been tagged and done my random 8 things, it's your turn. I hope to hear all about the funny little things that make each of you YOU! Good luck Leslie and Melissa.