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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mama bear Tess

Tess' 1st grade class did a production of the 3 bears just before school ended, she was one of the Mama bears. Not only did she know all her lines, she knew, and mouthed along with all the rest! She was also given some end of the year awards, Miss photogenic, and Best dancer. She really likes school, and can't wait to start 2nd grade!
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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Luke & Morgan sittin' in a ....

Hole! How cute is this little couple? Morgan is a friend, a tomboy, and an amazing athlete, not girlie at all. We (her parents and us) think we should re-institute arranged marriages! Her dad works in the Recreation dept. at SUU, so we get all the hook-ups with gear, camping, climbing, canyoneering, you name it.
The next pic is at Zions, Chris has discovered some really cool canyons that require ropes. Anyone want to join this summer, just give us a holler!


We finally got the woodchips in the back corner under the swing set. It looks great. Now none of our yard could be considered white trash anymore and after 4 years that's a huge accomplishment for us. I'm sure our renter is happy as she has grandkids and I know they'll be loving it. She's a neat freak so Dru and I don't have to worry about the chips getting everywhere cause I know she'll tidy every one up. She's great that way lol. We can also push Masaru on the swing and not get his legs cut up by the long grass!! We've never gotten so many comments from our neighbours "Wow you guys have really tamed this yard""This looks so good guys, well done""We're so proud of the work you've done on the yard""You guys are such hard workers" It's pretty funny.
We're going up to Wyoming this week with Dru and Mas cause we've got nothing better to do and it'll help with the full day potty training, which is going ok. I just got called into Weblos, again, so I'm trying to change my attitude about that. 6 months pregnant and called into Weblos!!!! Must be meant to be lol. I know all the boys though cause we teach them every Sunday in our Primary class!! I'm sure they're excited to have me as their leader!!! So that's Primary, Activities and cub scouts. I feel like I'm in New Zealand!!!
Dru's been sick the last couple of days. I was excited he was getting this time off before Wyoming as he could get a bunch of stuff done but he's on the bed KO'd so maybe I'll just have to wait.
Ok that's about it from us.
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