Motherhood = going crazy one day at a time!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sometimes I wish that Yoda had stayed like this forever. Now he is not only larger but he isn't as easy as he was when he was a baby. The first picture is more true to life these days. I hope this isn't true of children or i'm in for a long ride! Yoda PASSED his obedience class, and he not only passed, he finished 2nd in his class of about 15. Not bad, but as dad said, "what did the rest of the class look like." Take everything with a grain of salt I guess...

The birthday Luaua

Tess' birthday was a smash with lots of friends, family and fun. We limbo-ed, hula hooped, and had snow cones (thanks Dru) The loudest aloha shirt contest was a flop, not much choice here in Cedar, whatever the DI has, you know. Joey said my mu'u mu'u was for 50+year olds, and I thought I was looking so hawaiian. Oh well. It was fun, if it becomes a yearly tradition, we'll have to spring for some tiki torches!

Ryan's Marathon etc.

Ryan finally finished the long anticipated marathon. I think he did well at 4 hrs. which is about a 9:00 average mile, especially for his first, but he was disappointed. It is unfortunate that after all that running, he started having IT band trouble just three weeks before the event. He is doing the summer games triathalon in Cedar on the 16th of June and wants to try again for the Top of Utah marathon (Logan) in Sept. He has a wristband from the Ogden with all the split times for his goal time (3 hrs.) and says he is not taking it off until he meets his goal, so cross your fingers!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Baby's 4th picture

This was our Ultrasound picture from a few months ago. Monday the 4th of June we go for our big ultrasound. Anyone want to guess what the sex will be(it better be a boy!)? I'll have major work to do in the baby's room if it is a girl! We'll let you know about the sex as soon as we know.

Here we go...

I've created this blog for the whole family. My hope is that everyone will make posts and we can keep track of each other. It is really easy to post and it's a great way to see what eveyone is doing! Have fun and make sure to check it often.