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Monday, February 23, 2009

Fred Flintstone?!

Sorry, the video wouldn't upload, I'll try later.

My friend (thanks Angela), was getting rid of this little car and I knew that I wanted one for Myles in a few months so we took it.  I have seen how much fun my nephews have all had in the very same cars at my moms house.  Myles doesn't have the hang of how to move his feet to make the thing go yet, but it was the first day so I will cut him some slack.  We spent an hour and a half outside the other day going between the car and the tree swing.  It's going to be fun when we can all be outside together.  My landlord gave us a green caterpillar tree swing that is for two.  So as soon as the girls are big enough we can all swing together.  It's really fun for Myles.  He loves being outside and since the weather is good this week it was a perfect time.  We finally did have some winter weather the last couple of weeks, but I think that most of it is over and we are back to springtime beauty.  Gotta love So. Cal.  

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tour of California

So I really needed to get that picture of my belly off the front page news!  We had a fun weekend planned for Saturday.  The Tour of California was making the second to last stop, stage 7, in Pasadena this year.  We road the train to Pasadena, took a free shuttle to the Rose Bowl and had a great time eating and watching as the bike racers all came rushing by at about 30 miles an our.  We had a great view and it was very exciting to see all the familiar faces of the men we watch in the Tour de France each year.  

Myles was even really interested. When the racers would come by our spot everyone would clap, hoot, and ring their cow bells.  Myles would smile and clap his hands wildly.  It was very cute.  We were lucky to get a spot on the loop.  The end of stage 7 was 5 laps around the Rose Bowl. We were lucky enough to get a spot only 150 M away from the finish line. 

 Poor Myles missed his nap because of the timing of the race, but he made it through most of the race, only falling asleep in the last lap.