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Monday, July 27, 2009

Blessings x2

(Our first family photo, too bad Myles bit the driveway Saturday morning)

Yesterday we had the blessings for Lydia and Audrey. It was a really nice event and I thought that Bjorn did a wonderful job of giving each of the girls a great blessing. I especially liked the part where he blessed them to be each others best friend. You know they were "womb mates" after all. The girls were perfect during the entire blessing, they didn't make a peep. It was really fun to have Mom and Dad and Kristin fly into town for the event too. Dad was able to represent the Nakaya's in the circle. The girls looked so beautiful in their dresses that I had ordered from Belgium. The shoes that Auntie Kristin made for them fit perfectly and were just exquisite. They truly were the "Bell of the ball".

The proud momma

After leaving church early we came back to the house where we hosted a brunch for family and friends. We ate egg souffle, assorted muffins, and fruit. The kids mostly ate assorted pink candies I had out of the table as a centerpiece. Since it was such a nice day we had some people on the front porch(still in the shade), and others just milled around in the house.

Jacob, John, Audrey, Lydia, Ashley,& Holly

Another special thing about the day was the three sets of twins in our home. Angie's boys, Jacob and John, and the Hyer twin girls, Ashley and Holly. What a fun picture. Now all we needed was Ryan's boys.