Motherhood = going crazy one day at a time!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Naps all around

Yoda and Bjorn take a nap on the floor when we got home from the puppy park today. One of the only times that Yoda will nap. He had a great time at the park with two Mini Schnauzers, a puppy pug, three jack's and one furry little white thing. Yoda loves to run and play chase. He's not so good about playing fetch, but he does love a good game of chase! I found a nice bench under a tree and read my parents magazine. It was a great day at the puppy park.

Take me out to the ball game

We went to an LA Dodgers baseball game last night. After a really slow start the Dodgers pulled it off in the 10th inning with a walk off home run by Omedo Saenz. We even were adventurous and left Yoda home alone for the night. Something we haven't done since we got him. He was a good little puggle and didn't destroy anything. We hope to get in a few more fun evenings out before the baby comes.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Kate said....

In church last Sunday, Kate told our neighbor, "Tess sleeps with Ella, I sleep in my bed, Dad sleeps with mom, and Luke just needs a woman to sleep with!" She thinks that because he 'has a whole other side' (queen bed) he needs a sleeping companion. Of course, our neighbors think she is hilarious. She has also started sassing me quite a bit, open defiance more like it, and she thinks it's funny to repeat her questions till I go insane.
"Mom, can you get me somefing?!"
"Not now, Kate."
NO!!!!!!! she can keep going forever....if this keeps up, I'll be certifiable by next month.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Can't think of one

Well we were asked to contribute so here I am contributing. Our life is great at the moment. I'm doing well in this pregnancy. I've learned from the first go around and have only put on 1pound this pregnancy so far. So that's good for the after effects!!! I started off pretty big though so hopefully it'll stay low. Obviously everyone knows it's a girl and no we don't know what we're going to call her, but if we did, I don't think we'd tell lol.
Dru's working hard and doing his thing. I love staying at home and doing my thing. I'm starting again on the potty training with Masaru and so far it's a 50 50 split of sucess. He pooped in the potty yesterday and on the carpet today. He peed in the potty all today and on my mates floor yesterday. So you know...................I can't wait for what tomorrow entails.
That's us for now.
Love the Dru Nakaya clan

Monday, June 4, 2007

Drum roll please!

If you can't tell from the "turtle sign" by the + sign on the picture it's a BOY! The picture is looking from the bottom of the baby. The dark round circle you see is the bladder. Between the leg bones you find the pee pee. We are really happy to be adding to the boy's in the Nakaya family. Each of us have now had baby boys for our first children. I'm thrilled to be having a boy, I don't think Bjorn really cared either way. Just for the record we will not be naming the baby Riggins Diesel(a Washington Redskins football player) contrary to what Bjorn thinks. I MIGHT consider that name for a dog, but not for my child. I'm just glad that I don't have to start a major overhaul on the baby's room since it's already done in blue airplanes. I just hope that the trend of one boy and four girls doesn't continue like his father, and his father's father. The Dodd family name lives on!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

19 weeks and going strong

Well here it is. I've been asked for a picture of the belly for quite some time. I haven't done so because I'm not sure I love what it looks like but none the less here it is. Tomorrow we go for our big ultrasound. Hope the baby wants to be photographed because I really want to see what sex he is. We will post more about that tomorrow, watch for the news!

Sofia's 1st birthday

Today, Sunday, we went to celebrate Rachelle's little girl's 1st birthday. She is really a beautiful child and is quite happy to sit and watch everyone. Uncle Scott was even in attendance. It was nice to get to sit and visit with him and Augie. I need to be better about getting together with family that is so close here in California.