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Monday, March 11, 2013

Too cheep...

So about a two years ago we had to have Bjorn's breaks done on the Passat.  It cost us 1500.00.  I about crapped my shorts.  I vowed never to pay that much again.  So about 15 months ago I was at the dealer with my MDX when they told me that my breaks needed to be done right away.  I knew we were going home for Christmas and I could have my fabulous brothers help me do the breaks for just parts.  So they showed me how to do them, except when we got the tire off they really didn't need to be done yet.  ARGGGGHHHHHHH.  Damn Dealership...Fast forward till 2-13-13.  I knew the breaks needed to be done now.  I called Ryan and Dru, got the "readers digest" review of the job and watched a youtube on it.  Tools in hand I began the hour long job.  Well all went well till the one bold that needed to be removed BROKE OFF.  Lil' ol me broke the bolt.  What the crap!  Now I'm in real trouble because the car can't be driven and I need to get another part.  After many conference calls to the brothers I called Bjorn to hurry home from work so I could get the parts and finish the job.  Turns out they sell the replacement bolt and housing and I didn't have to buy an entire new caliper.  Good news.  8$ vs. 69$.  Got the part and was on to tire number two.  Again the bold gives me problems.  It stripped out and I couldn't get it out.  With some "persuasion", ie: beating the hell out of it, by Bjorn we got the second bolt out and put on the new pads.  Job done.  It only cost 100$ in parts and one small, very minor, bodily harm to myself.  Not bad, I will take that over 1500.00$ any day of the week!