Motherhood = going crazy one day at a time!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Gaviota Beach

Since we had a long weekend we thought we would take the kids back to a place we visited when they were 2 and 3 yrs. old.  We drove north past Santa Barbara 30 miles and picked blue berry's.   It's one of my most favorite things to do.  Two in the mouth.  One in the bucket.  You can see how it goes.  It's fun to see who can find the biggest berry.  I didn't bring my camera so I have no photos to show you,  sorry.  If you want to know what it's like you will have to come out and try it for yourself. 

Next we head down the road to Gaviota State Beach.  It was a place with tide pools and tons of shells.  However, we hit it too late and missed low tide and most of the shells and tidepools.  Oh well the kids still enjoy playing in the water and on the beach.  And we did find some shells too, just not as many as last time.  Great day all in all. 

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th

One thing I have always loved, even as a child is a good fireworks show.  Lucky for me Monrovia has a great show right in the center of town.  It's free to all and is totally sponsored by local businesses.  We just have to set out a blanket early in the morning and come back later that night for a great 20 min. show. 

This year the kids wanted to do some crafts too so we made hats from solo cups and the girls got shirts made from Rick rack.  It's always a good time on the 4th.  Who doesn't love a lazy day with good food, blue berry pie and fireworks?

Mr. Snaggel tooth

Almost two weeks have passed and we still miss our little dog Yoda.  One Sunday morning I came down to find him asleep on the couch.  When I called for him to go out and pee he didn't come.  I went to the couch to notice that he wasn't breathing.  He had died sometime between 7 and 8.30 that morning. 

We all miss the funny, stupid, silly, and naughty things he did.

As we talked about what to do with his body the kids became a little distressed at the idea of him being in the ground either here or in Utah.  Then I later found our that it's illegal to bury a pet in the yard here.  At any rate we decided that we would have him cremated.   After all what's another 150.00$ when we have spent thousands on this "special dog". 

Now, I know you are rolling your eyes (Ryan), @ the cost when you would have taken the dog to see "the guy" long ago. But to the kids and Bjorn and I he was the perfect fit to the problems we were facing at the time.  He was our first baby and he will be missed by our whole family. 

The kids wanted to each draw him a picture. And then we wrapped him in his blanket he slept under and took him to the vet's for pick up.  We just got his remains back today.  I've had a very stern talking to the kids about how we don't open the box to look at the ashes.  I don't EVER want to come down the stairs to see him spread out over my living room. 

Lydia asked me tonight if she could bring Yoda upstairs for bed.  I had to laugh a little.  They are still trying to wrap their minds around what cremation is.  On second thought, I better get a locking latch on that urn...


Long ago, mom and Ella came for a visit.  I knew we would be going to disneyland so I set out to make new disneyland shirts for the kids.  After some thought, and discussions, on what was possible and what wasn't I came up with Rapunzel,  Snow White, Cinderella, and Woody.  What do you think? 

And a big thanks to mom for making our day so magical.  We all had a wonderful time! 

Birthday girls

I don't know where the years have gone.  My babies turned 5.  It's a bitter sweet thing to have your little ones grow and be more self reliant.  I'm loving that they can each follow directions and do simple tasks like, "get on your p.j.s and brush teeth."  Do I miss some of those baby stages...uhm...NO! 

For the girls birthday they took a friend and we went to the American Girl Café for lunch.  Talk about cute.  You. Have. No. Idea!  They don't miss a thing.  From the birthday girl crowns, to the tea set for your doll, to the present shaped cake it was fabulous.  Take a look and see what you think.  I think it's every little girls dream. 

Then for dinner we had our friends the Terrills, and our adoptive grandma, KK over for dinner.  The girls wanted an Ariel and Flounder cake so this is what I came up with.  The Ariel cake I made an ice cream cake.  What. Was. I. Thinking? Do you know that you have about 30 seconds to decorate the cake before it's a "hot mess".  I'm sure that will be my first, and last time I try that!  Sheesh...

The last payment

I couldn't be more pleased that I have written the last payment for preschool.  The girls had their graduation ceremony on the 10th of June.  They were very excited to be done but sad to say good bye to their teacher and classmates.  

Momma is ever so excited that all three kids will be in one school, at the same hours, of every day.  What will I do when they go back to school you ask?  Oh, the possibilities...can you say no kids between 8 and 2p.m..

Myles kindergarten graduation

I can't believe my oldest child is now done with his first year of school.  Myles LOVE his class and teacher at Bradoaks Elementary.   He was a good friend, a class leader, and by far the tallest kid in the class.  Just by chance Papa was here for the ceremony on June 4th.  Thanks for coming to help out. (More on that later) One year down, how many more to go?!