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Friday, July 11, 2008

I've been absent

Well hello there! I've been absent from blogging for a while because we were at my parents Internet challenged home for a while. I'm now home and trying to get back on top of things. So here we go...

Our family trip to The Bar M Ranch in Afton Wyoming was fabulous. We had such a wonderful time there. Everyone had something to keep them busy even if it was to just stick their nose in a book for the whole week. We had access to Horses, 4 wheelers, a stocked fish pond, a lazy river to float on, a huge grass field to play cricket, rivers for fly fishing, nearby Jackson Hole, a local hospital, and main street filled with all it's "small town America" charm complete with a fabric store and a Maverick for Kristin's habit(Fountain Coke, a huge one).

Jackson hole was beautiful with all it's old town charm. Complete with a stage coach ride through the town square. We shopped a little, ate lunch in the park and then we headed for a hike around beautiful Jenny Lake in the Teton NP. We were going to hike to the falls then take the boat back. Well almost all of us rode the boat back. Ethan didn't quite get that message and as he had run ahead he was waiting at the boat dock when we got off the boat. Ryan, Dru and Chris were also running back looking for Ethie. After the hike it was time to head over to the chuck wagon dinner and show. Thanks mom and dad! Sorry I didn't get to have much dinner, or show, as my lunch and everything else was coming up because of a migraine. They left the show early so that I could get back to the ranch to bed. I barfed all the way home and had to visit the local hospital to get some medication when we arrived back in Afton.

Kristin's girls brought with them a little 24 hour bug that Myles got too, well I think all the kids got it eventually. Besides that we all had a great trip. We ate too much, slept late, were lazy most days, and had a fabulous trip. I even played Guitar hero. I'm not so good as I am a south paw and it's hard to play opposite. I tried all the same. Another fun filled Nakaya family trip! Thanks mom and dad!
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Fabulous four

Leslie, this one is for you! I found that I had lots of pictures of your boys from the trip. I'm not sure if they were just always outside when I was or what, but I have these and I thought they were cute.

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How does your garden grow?

I've been slaving over my square foot garden, well not really. I planted it, and it grew. I don't even have any weeds. All I have to do is water it, and I really don't even have to do that either. I bought a timer that hooks to the water spigot and then the hose hooks to that. So while I was away playing in Wyoming and Utah my garden was getting all the water it needed for the hot So. California summer.
Last night we partook in the first garden offering, a small but very delicious Japanese Cucumber. It was so wonderful to walk out the door to the garden and pluck it right from the vine as I was making dinner. I can't wait till the rest of the veggies are ready to eat. We have about 7 more cucs, two peppers, 7 tomatoes. We haven't seen any beans, squash, or pumpkin yet but I hope they will soon start too. I have to say that gardening is a lot of fun!

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Watch me go

This one is for you Melissa and Ru! Way to go!
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He's got it down

Myles has really got the hang of the jumper at Grandma's house. He spent a lot of time in it this past week. He loves to jump in it as long as you are there to watch. He jumped soooo much that he even got a blister on the bottom of his big toe!
P.S.-I can't figure out how to rotate video footage? Anyone???
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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Copy Cat

So the other day Masaru was watching his new favourite movie 'Rescuers Down Under' and Dru came in and sat down. So Masaru, who was on the couch decided he needed to be like dad and got his rocking chair out.
I think this picture is cute.
I think if Masaru continues to copy what Dru does he'll turn into a wonderful man.
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