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Thursday, July 19, 2007

14 weeks to get it all done!

I have 14 weeks to get the baby's room put together. Actually I have less than that since we are expecting out of town company. I would like to get the room together before that. I have to move(or rather Bjorn has to move) furniture around and I need to make the window treatments still. It is the last room in the house that hasn't been recovered since we moved here two years ago. I have panels up to block the view from the street, but they are the ones that were here when we moved in and I have never liked them. I would like to do something that will tie in the double bed and bedding that will remain in the room, with the crib and the airplane theme I have going on. I hope to get the bed and crib moved, the windows done, the airplanes hung from the ceiling, the pictures framed and hung and maybe even find a rug to go on the floor. It's coming together however. As you can tell I've had some time to think about what I wanted this room to look like. The biggest hurdle is keeping the bed in the room. But for all you out of townees we are keeping it up for you so you have a nice place to stay. We want everyone to come and visit! Here are a few things that are going in the room. I'll try and get it all done and show you a finished picture. Maybe by next week if I'm lucky and can rope Bjorn into helping me with a few large items.

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The floating circus

Just thought I'd post this so everyone knows how we spent 4 hrs. one day! That's Chris and Ryan on the oars, thanks guys, even though the current was going faster than we were. The tag-alongs behind, Brooke, Bjorn, and Les. Dru and Melissa took a seperate ride, as did Dad, and the kids bounced around, in and out. All in all, a fun, if not long, day. Oh, and by the way, from where we got out to where we put in, the car trip was only 10 min.!
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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Idaho take two

Hey I finally figured out how to upload the pic's. Yaa for me.


Well we had a great time in Idaho. It was nice to be able to go to Yellowstone Park and see Old Faithful and the animals. Good times.
We're all doing well. We ran out of nappies so Masaru's been nappyless for the last 3 days. He's been dry every night so that's amazing. I dunno whether to actually buy some now or just hold out and see what happens.
I really need to get a pic of me pregnant too. Ok tonights the night.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Stick a fork in me I'm done!

Well this was last weeks picture. I feel like I'm done baking, but really I am only 26 weeks tomorrow. I guess I still have some time to go. We had a great time with our ward last night at a Dodger Baseball game. When I was there two weeks ago my jacket would still zip closed, well last night no such luck. I have officially outgrown most of my regular clothing. Time to go get some maternity pants/shorts/skirts. I still find myself being shocked when I see my reflection in a store window. I think to myself "am I really that big or is the window just making me look larger than life". Bjorn just smiles when I ask if that is how I really look! Yoda has taken to lying on my lap with his head on my belly. Yesterday his ear was perfectly draped across my belly. When the baby moved his head got a kick. He looked up at me like "hey" what was that for. I wonder what, if anything, he can hear inside there. Pregnancy...