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Friday, August 3, 2007

Fun with Grandma

How fun is our grandma? Rated #1 by AP polls!
(sidewalk art, rafting in ID, easter egg decorating,
gingerbread house making.)
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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Well I guess I will start with the nursery. It's finally done! I hung the quilt on the wall a few days ago and I feel like the room turned out really cute. Kristin was wondering if I was going to push Myles into a airline job. I hadn't thought of it, but free travel again isn't a bad idea! I guess you could say I'm in the "nesting" stage because I want to get all my projects done NOW! I am going to start on the birth announcements next. I hope they turn out as cute as the nursery.

Bjorn has been battling with pneumonia for about a month now. It finally caught up with him last week and we landed up in the ER for most of the day. He hasn't been to work in almost a week and this is a good example of what our days are like now. I, on the other hand, have been cleaning the house. It's funny when you are sick you can't smell the sickness, but when it's someone else the whole house smells like sick people. I've been busy doing wash and vacuuming and disinfecting all surfaces. I open up the windows each morning to get out all the "sick smell" and I need to get some air fresheners for the bedroom. The "sick smell" is really bad in there. We hope that he will be better by the end of the week. I hate to see him loose all these days off on being sick and nothing fun...

6 Years

Well Dru and I have been married 6 years on Friday the 27th. It's been great. We went out to dinner and did some shopping for a brown belt, which took around 2 hours!!! Then went to the movie Transformers, which we loved. I'm sure you have to be a transformers fan to like it though!!! Even though it also means I"ve been away from my home country and my family for six years, Dru's worth it!!
These other pictures are obviously of Masaru swimming! It took him a little while before he'd jump in but then he was all go!! Fun times.