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Monday, November 10, 2014

Insult to injury

Saturday started as any other day.  We started out picking up a dear friend and heading out to Ikea.  We were going to let the kids play in the small land while we enjoyed some time looking around.  We parked the car got out and took the escalators upstairs.  Well almost.  We didn't even get to the top before I heard Myles crying.  He had fallen on the steps and impaled his knee in the metal teeth.  It.was.a.gusher.  That sucker bled like nobody's business.  So back to the car and off to instacare to see if we needed stitches.  It was deep, but more than that it was right on the bending part of the knee.  I just wasn't sure...  after sitting in the waiting room for two hours we were sent home without stitches.  Argggg.  Myles was happy to leave without.  I was happy just to leave.  He was brave and put on a good face even when I know he was hurting. 

Fast forward to Monday night.  While visiting our same friend the kids were on her porch swing.  No big deal till they swing too high and reach too far.  Both the girls toppled off and landed face down on the cement.   Poor Lydia got the worst of it.  Both her bottom and top lip were cut as well as her gum turning bight purple.  I will have to assess again in the morning to see if that tooth is going to have a problem or not.  Stay tooned...and let's hope that accidents don't come in groups of three.

Halloween 2014

Halloween has come and gone but I did want to post about it.  We had a fun filled October decorating everything from the house to the car to the husband!  (Always a good sport)

First the house.  Kristin gave me the idea last year to do the monsters in the windows.  Since I have six small windows  on the front of my house it was fun and easy way to bring on Halloween.

Next on the schedule was the ward Trunk-or-treat.  Since I opened my big fat mouth about the horrible food last year I was put in charge of dinner for 200.  That ought to teach me right!?  I settled on pulled pork, mac n cheese and baked beans.  We had a great turnout.  The kids all chose to be minions so Bjorn and I were Gru and Lucy.  It turned out really cute, if I do say so myself!

The decorating and dress up didn't stop there.   Oh no, we still had the school parade where the principal wad also dressed as a minion.  We dressed up the car for the trunk-or-treat and we carved our pumpkins for the porch.  Then last, but certainly not least,  we actually trick-or-treated around our complex for 10 min.  Once around the loop is 47 homes, half of which are not home but the other half give most generously.  The kids had a great Halloween holiday. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fall beach days

Last week we had cousins from the Dodd family in town.  It's always a novelty for Utahns to go to the beach in the fall.  This year has been exceptionally hot.  So not only were we at the beach in mid October, but it was 80 degrees and beautiful.  

We visited Dana Point beach in Orange County and then Crescent Bay beach near Laguna the following day.  It was truly a great time.  There is nothing like the beach.  It's good for the soul.  It's a great dose of vitamin D for all. 

At Crescent Bay we were able to get  to the tide pools.   Oh my!  Can I just say that I *HEART* this place.  It was so fun.  Myles and I spent a good three hours exploring.  We saw enenemies, sea urchins, small fish, crabs, a baby octopus, hermit crabs and sea snails galore.  It. Was. So. Fun.! 

Thanks for coming to town Petersens!  Can't wait to do it again. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Honor pins

It's a tradition at Bradoaks to have flag ceremony each Wednesday morning.  They have been doing it for more than 20 years now.  One thing they do is award honor pins.   So what is an honor pin you ask?  Well the actual item is just a button kind of badge that has the school logo on it and the words honor pin.  For the kids it's much more than that.  It's an elete club that students gain entry to as they demonstrate good "bobcat ROARing".  How does one "ROAR" you ask?  Well it's being a good citizen basically but, you demonstrate you have Respect,  you are On task, has a positive Attitude, and you are Responsible.  Each week teachers may award one  student per class the pin.

The second week of school Lydia was chosen by her teacher.  To see how excited she was is an under statement.   To see the look of dejection on Audreys face would also be an understatement.   The ceremony didn't happen last week as the teachers and principle were taking the ice bucket challenge for ALS.  The really great things was that the following week Audrey was picked for the pin.  So in the end they both get them on the same day.  Though Lydia will be the first to tell u that she got her pink First!

Update:  The following week Mr. Myles was awarded the honor pin by his teacher.  We are off to a great year!  

I love my little honor pin bobcats!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bradoaks Elementary 2014

It's official, school is underway and all three kids are thriving there.  Myles, our big first grader, has Ms. Johnson.  He was supper happy as a friend of ours had that teacher last year and Harry really talked her up.  Audrey and Lydia are both in Ms. Dimovs kinder class.  I asked for them to be placed together this year.  We will see how the year plays out.  Next year may be different but this year I wanted them together.  For me it will be easier to have them together.  It's one less classroom to volunteer in, one less teacher gift to find.  You know, I'm all about practicality.  Love having all the kids in one place.  Love not paying tuition for preschool school.  Love having my mornings to do...whatever!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dodd cousins

At last we have gotten together with our cousin Jason from New Jersey.  We have tried to get together on a few occasions but something has always kept us apart.  Not this year!  Ritchenya and Jason have come to Southern California for a week of fun in the warm sun.  We have enjoyed seeing them and showing them around our little town of Monrovia.   We have taken them to the local beaches of Venice, Laguna, and Manhattan.   Bjorn and Myles took Jason to a Dodgers game while the girls had a night of manicures and pedicures.  Last, we've made our way down to La Jolla for another beach day and to Legoland and Sea World.  Our visit is coming to an end and they will soon be leaving.  We hope it will not be another 5 years before our next visit. 

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Pioneer Days

Every summer I trek back to my stomping grounds in Bountiful Utah.  It's a good time to bottle fruit, make jam, and salsa.  I love it.  Who doesn't like being the center of attention?!  My parents always roll out the red carpet when my kids come to town.  This year we were treated to Kangaroo Zoo,  Lagoon, pioneer village, the 24th of july float viewing complete with lunch, numerous free babysitting nights,  swimming and park outings at Auntie Kristins, and way too much staying up late to chit chat.  I'm exhausted but can't wait to come back and do it all again.  Thanks mom and dad and Melissa and Kristin for making our trip so special.