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Friday, March 7, 2008

Masaru's Third Birthday

Well I couldn't decide what pictures to post so obviously I posted a lot of them. Masaru was really excited and when he woke up we let him open one present before church. It was the Tiger umbrella. He loved it as his cousins have a lady bug one and it's a huge fight everytime. Then Dru and I decided to get ready for church and when we came out saw that Masaru had opened his other presents, a pig light and a rash guard for swimming!! Well we couldn't tell him off, it was his birthday. So we all just laughed and took pictures of it. He loved the pig torch because his cousins have ones in Utah that he always wants to use. So now he has his own!! After church we had the party and everyone came over for it. He got a spiderman car and tracksuit from Delwyn and Anita, Huge massive silver car from Sarah and Chad (ah by the way thanks for that guys cause now we have to figure out how to take it home), 3 DVD's, Thomas the Tank Engine singlet and shorts and chocolate from Grandma (NZ), $20 from Grandma (USA), PJ's that you can draw on and everytime they go in the wash come out clean again and you can draw on them again, from Leslie and Ryan, $20 from Auntie Maree and some more tools from mum and dad. Dru tried to make him a tool belt but mum's sewing machine broke and so he only got as far as to make the holster part for the drill. So that can be finished some other time. I think it'll be awesome. And he got a Thomas the Tank Engine cake from mum and dad. Man I"m telling you that cake was the horror!! We started it and it looked horrible and we thought it wasn't going to turn out at all. I didn't put the beginning pic's on here for you to see. If I did you'd notice how awful it looked. But with some different coloured icing and some handy dandy work I think we pulled it off alright. It was MASSIVE!!! Like about a foot and a half long. I was amazing. Everyone was laughing at it because of it's size including me and Dru. All fun though and everyone got as much cake as they wanted and still had enough to take home for the next days lunch!!
All and all it was a good time and Masaru was very spoiled. We're extremely grateful for everyone's presents and kindness towards Masaru.
With the money we got from Grandma (USA) and Auntie Maree we're putting it towards a scooter and a bike. Masaru loves riding around on scooters and we feel he's ready to learn how to ride a bike with no trainer wheels. Wonderful day and great birthday. I can't believe my little man is 3 already. I remember giving birth to him and him being so little. Time really does fly when you're having fun doesn't it?!

I *HEART*...

I love this post idea Melissa. Here are a few things that I love.
* The smell of a clean baby
*The sight of a clean bathroom
*Piles of clean, folded laundry
*The velvet soft ears of my doggie
*Being right!(it's not often, but don't tell Bjorn that)
*The quiet sound of the house when the baby is asleep for the night
*The sound of the phone ringing on your birthday
*The sound of a campground at night, crackling fires and crickets.
*The smell of Christmas
*The looks on the kids faces when "Santa" has brought them everything they wanted, Magical!
*I LOVE Holidays! All holidays. I love that Bjorn gets most of them off
*I love laying in bed giggling way past the time we should be asleep
*I love my new car- nothing like reliability
*I love Monrovia, AKA "small town America"
*I heart my family!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Be like the bird, who
Halting in his flight
On limb too slight
Feels it give way beneath him,
Yet sings
Knowing he hath wings.

By Victor Hugo

My mate, Sarah Nelson, posted this poem on her blog and it made me start thinking about things. Things that I'm grateful for and things that make me happy and also blessings I have in my life.

Then my other mate, Kayla, decided to post some things she loves, which was really entertaining and made me think.

So I'm going to join in and write a few things that I love.

*I love being in another room and hearing both my children laughing really loudly.

*I love it when I tickle Dru and he screams like a little girl (sorry Dru had to do it)

*I love the feeling I have when I've done a huge work out and have eaten really well all day.

*I love hearing about funny and successful stories of other people.

*I love lying all snuggly in bed while listening to the rain pouring outside.

*I love the smell of fresh cut grass after I've finished sweating for half an hour mowing it!

*I love the satisfaction of making something for my family and them all wanting second helpings!

*I love the feeling of watching someone open a present I've brought them, knowing they're going to love it.

*I love the 'a-ha' moments I get whilst reading a really good book.

*I love it when I make a really good point and Dru has to agree with me! (This is only because he is uaually right!)

Thanks for the inspiration Sarah and Kayla!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Too cute for words!

Myles fell asleep today on the afternoon walk to the park where we were going to swing. He will just have to wait for a few days now. I make it a rule to never wake a sleeping baby. It's hard to tell if he's awake or asleep, but by the lifeless arms and hands you can tell. He loves a good walk.