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Thursday, August 14, 2008

What I'm gonna miss!!!

Ok so to begin with I need to say that these pic's have nothing to do with anything. I just thought I'd put them up so you could have the latest and greatest of the kiddies. So if your thinking "What the heck does that have to do with anything" Well it doesn't so don't worry!! I just like my kids and my family haven't seen them for a little bit cause all my latest posts haven't had any pic's in them and when it all comes down to it I am suppose to be blogging for them!!
So getting to the point of this blog. This'll be my official LAST post I"ll be doing here in Utah. Ooooooooooooooooo boooo hoooooo poor Melissa. Really it doesn't count since the blogging world is it's own little planet so moving states doesn't matter in cyber space. You won't even notice. Except for the fact that I've been blogging almost daily for the last while and you won't be hearing from me for at least a week or probably more. Man how is everyone going to manage. Jokes man jokes. That sentence is totally sarcastic ok. I'm not up myself ..................... much!!
I"m going to miss many many things about Utah. I can't even believe I"m saying that. If you'd said "Your totally going to miss Utah Melissa" when I first moved here I'd be like "whatever man I hate this place"
But times gone by and I'm gonna miss it.
*First of all my house!!! I dunno if I"m ready to move BACK into an apartment or 'flat' as we call it back in good old NZ. Man I'm loosing about 400 feet in this move. It could be worse. So hopefully we can fit everything in and work through it. My kids will be sharing a room. They did in NZ so it should be all good baby.
*Family. I'm gonna miss my mother in law who is a few minutes up the road. She loves my kids to the fullest and is the best grandmother I could ask for. I can't improve her in anyway as a grandma and it's gonna be hard for not just me, but my children to not be 5 minutes away from her and their popa as well. I don't know who's gonna feed us and babysit my children at the last minute! I'm also gonna miss being around for when family comes into town and we all get together and eat and laugh and let the kids run wild around grandmas house. I'll miss my nakaya/johnson/dodd family.
*I'm gonna miss all of my 'mates' I've made here and become close to.
You all know who you are. And you all know how much I love you, yes you. I think you're all beautiful and I'm truely grateful for all of your friendships. What would I do without you all? You all make and keep me sane, you all motivate me, inspire me, support me, cry with me, laugh with me and make me feel beautiful in every way.
Thanks for accepting me for who I am and not judging me. Thanks for your love. It's meant the world to me and has made the difference between me loving Utah and just putting up with it.
I don't know how I"m going to cope without seeing you all and being able to talk and have fun with everyone. I hope I do ok without all of you. So if all of you can download then you can talk to me daily and see me and the kids. Just add me. melissanakaya. It'll be easy and it's free LOL
*I'm gonna miss how close all the shops are and the amounts of shops there are here in Bountiful AND also if Bountiful doesn't have it, I'm gonna miss being able to just drive 10 mins more and getting to where I need to be.
*Money!!!! I'm going to miss how much money we have at the moment and the fact we're in no debt (except our house)
*Ward. I'm gonna miss my ward. I'm gonna miss how great it is.
*My street. I'm gonna miss all the families and relationships on my street as well as how quiet it is and the friendships my son has with the neighbourhood kids. Time to toughen up Melissa and actually parent now instead of letting the 'village' parent your child.
*Gym. I'm gonna miss how close the gym is and how comfortable I feel their with the classes and teachers. I'm gonna miss how cheap it is as well.
*Smiths. I love Smiths. I can drop Masaru off and go shop for an hour and most of the time, get the best prices and they just signed me up for a baby club and said I can get all this money back!! LITTLE TOO LATE SMITHS!!!!

Well now I've gotten that off my chest I need to try to get at least 5 hours sleep and be a busy worker bee tomorrow and friday to make this move a good one.
Usually when I get really stressed I go into shut down mode and Dru's left to pick up the pieces. I've only done it twice I think and I'm pretty sure both times were during a 'move'.
So far, so good this week. Two more days to get through and then I'm onto the next step.
It doesn't help that I haven't been eating right or exersizing the last 2 weeks either. I need those two things to keep me sane!
Alright, alright I"ve blabbed enough now.
Thanks for reading if you're down to this bottom part. Great committment.
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Carrie said...

we're going to MISS YOU MELISSA! It's a relief to know it's only for a little bit and then you'll be back. right!?!?!?! Have a glorious experience, and know we're counting down the days til your home girl!

angie said...

The pictures are so cute.......what a great made me so sad when I was reading all the things that you are going to miss.......but, the great thing is this is just a short time (when it's over it'll seem like that anyway) and you'll learn so many great things there...GOOD luck with your move. I'm glad it doesn't change anything with how I interact with you, though! The internet is so great that way.

Katie M said...

I love you Milz! I'm gonna miss you terribly! I'm glad that you'll only be a phone call/computer screen away though! I hope you enjoy this new adventure that you guys are about to go on! Love you girl!!!

Tiffany said...

All of those things are wonderful and made your life good. Hope you can find some of the same and maybe even more in this new chapter of your life. I'm already looking forward to Christmas when we will see you again. Good luck and tell Dru the same.

Brooke said...

Well, one good thing with a move is how much you stretch and grow as a family and a couple. I love living away from family for the most part. I miss them for Sunday dinners, and b-day parties and small gatherings like this, but you make it home for all the big stuff and everyone is sooo happy to see you and your children. It's really going to be a good thing for you.

As for small spaces, call me man. I'm the queen at packing a whole house into VERY SMALL spaces. I've mastered this skill since living in the dorms at USU, then moving to Moscow(not Idaho, Russia),then moving to Boston where they don't have closets in the rooms, to moving into once Very small Apartment in West Los Angeles, to our current home which I love, but doesn't have all the best storage in the world. Just go to the storage container store now and buy a set of bed risers for Ru's bed. It makes it taller so watch out for him falling out of bed, but you will be able to get a laundry basket under the bed and the kids can store loads of toys under the bed(or other crap that is a must buy you have no room anyplace else). Good luck, packing sucks!

Sarah said...

What great things to miss. Like Tiffany said, I hope you find great things in Idaho to love and miss here in a couple of years. Good luck Saturday. We'll be thinking of you....and your little family.

Kristin said...

Well, I'm not going to miss you too much, cause, like, we don't really have any more trips to SLC planned before Thanksgiving, and by then, you'll be back and we'll see you at Christmas. Besides, I think we keep in ok touch through blogging. You know I'm not a phone talker, but we'll try to use our skype more often for you. I really do wish I were there to help you pack though, it is a huge job. Just remember, it's ok to DI tons of stuff. You guys will really love this time alone, you'll be amazed at how strong your relationship will become, and I don't think you'll go 5 min. without making new friends. It'll be good Melissa, you'll see. Love you guys. Good Luck with the move/drive/move.

Robyn said...

Melissa- You are going to be missed soooo much. I have appreciated your friendship, your honesty and bluntness, and most of all how you make me laugh. Your new adventure sounds like so much fun and I wish you the very best! Know that we will all be reading daily to keep up on your life in Idaho. Can't wait for the clock to start ticking until your family moves back to our neighborhood. We love you! The Kent's

Laura said...

BOO HOO!!! I will miss you tons. You are a great girl and the people in Moscow will be blessed to have your family up there. Good Luck to you and Dru as you embark in this new adventure. Love you guys!!!!

XXX's and OOO's

Gunnisac Sandersons said...

Man, your little girl has the most beautiful blue eyes. I hope you are okay in your move. I hate stress and moving is one of the worst kind of stresses ever! Good luck in Moscow. I think you'll adjust okay. if not, I live in Gunnison and it's pretty dang small here too. We can talk about the small town together okay. Good luck!!!!

Maricela said...

Those pictures are beautiful! Melissa, you are a wonderful person and I really appreciate you. Have fun in 'Russia' and see you soon!

The Mendisabal's said...

Don't be sad sweetie! It is obvious to me that you don't have any trouble making and keeping friends. Look at all the people who love you enough to post comments on your blog and email you. No matter where you go you'll have people love you ... you're irrisistable!!!! I am going to miss you so much though. Thank goodness for SKYPE! We need to set up a regular time to do that!!! Emma is going to miss you and especially Masaru. She is excited to talk to him on SKYPE too. Love you Milz. Enjoy the opportunity to meet new people ... hey and you never know, there might be a good chance for some missionary work! hehehe

Gunnisac Sandersons said...

Hey, you have to hurry back on because I love reading your blogs. I know it will take you some time, but just remember that I will be really bored not being able to read about you and your family. he,he,he! Like I'm so important right? Good luck again!

Holby said...

I can totally sympathize with your worries. We still miss being closer to family and friends in Utah. Idaho is different. Unless you are in Boise, you won't find everything within a 10 minute drive like you have in Utah. However, we have thought of it as our little adventure. There is so much to love about Idaho. You think you love Utah now, but spend a few years in Idaho and I'll be really surprised if you don't leave kicking and screaming. I think the only people that live in Idaho and hate it are the single folks used to partying every weekend and those from big cities that actually love the big city life and end up in some podunk town in the middle of nowhere Idaho. I think your family will absolutely fall in love with Moscow! Don't you worry one bit.

Ryan Anderson said...

We'll miss you. Hurry back. And keep in touch.

Emily said...

It was good to talk the other day, and I will be keeping in touch with you Melissa! Idaho is ganna have its new little list, in a bit, just a bit. It will look something like this:
Things I will miss about Idaho
2-Big potatoes
3-Small Potatoes
4-Dreams about Potatoes
5-My wonderful friends, wow, the Lord sent me new WONDEFUL 'mates'!!
6-Open space, I just love it now! I have become a shop a phobe, I can't stand convenient nice stores, who needs them!!

:) heee heee, Emily

Mandi Lloyd said...

We will miss you guys! Thanks for going to dinner with us the other night. We had a great time!

Carrie said...

Hey... give us an update on Idaho!! How are you? How is Moscow? Are things working out for you guys? Missing you already...