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Saturday, April 25, 2009

News Flash

So I guess I need to update everyone on the last few days.  We have been busy here at the Dodd home.  
Wednesday was a regular Doctor's appointment for me.  Dr. Li didn't like the amount of weight I had gained in one months time, or the fact that my feet were starting to swell like melons.  He originally had wanted me to get to 36, or even 37 weeks before delivering.  But after this appointment he wasn't sure I was even going to get through the end of April.  That is now the goal.  He wanted me to have my BP checked in two days time and give him a call with the numbers.  Well Myles and I went to Wal-Mart to have a BP check.  I called in the numbers and he didn't like them.  He wanted to see us in the office that afternoon to check them for himself.  So off to Pasadena we went.  When we got there he did a check for himself and he still didn't like the numbers.  So we spent most of the evening at the hospital last night getting monitored.  I don't think the girls like it because they wouldn't stay on for more than a few min.  Lydia wasn't on for more than 6 min. the entire time.  What a pill.  He was satisfied with the BP once I was lying on my left side and not moving around at all.  Enough anyway that he let me go home on strict bed rest.  I will go see him again on Monday morning and we will see what he has to say.  My gestational diabetes is borderline, my protein in the urine is growing worse, the BP problems, a possible UTI, and the swelling all add up to "D day".  It seems that I avoided it for this weekend, but that doesn't mean it will be much longer.  I am 32 weeks and the girls are guessed to be around 4 lbs. each.   I will keep everyone posted on the events of the coming days.  

Second:  My baby shower was on Thursday night and it was a great success.  We had a great turnout and I so enjoyed seeing everyone there.  We got some really cute clothes and some diapers and lot's of little shoes!  Thanks to everyone who came, and especially Angela and Jennifer for pulling it all together!  We loved every min. of it.    

Friday, April 24, 2009

Is that a foot?!

So I guess the last picture of my feet didn't quite show how swollen they are getting. I think you can tell from this one that my feet are no longer my feet, rather tree trunks that end into bear paws! I almost can't even bend my toes they are so fat. Man, who knew they could get this way. This photo was taken at 9am, and by tonight they will look worse. I guess it's time to get these little girlie's here. My feet may explode otherwise!
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What a great morning!

This morning Myles wanted to wear his rain boots while watching cartoons. And yes, he is standing right in front of the T.V. . Something we need to work on. He plants himself right there so he can dance, play and just view the show. I think it's so cute that kids start to have input as to what they want to wear. This was Myles first time expressing he cared one way or the other. What a great combo, prison stripes and rain boots!
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