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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A dog

We have many discussions about pets at our house. We have decided that IF we ever get a dog, it will be a Schnoodle-poodle, miniature schnauzer mix. Because they are hypo-allergenic. This weekend, there were a lot of dogs at Gramma's 90'th. Tak and Janie both had theirs, and Shorty had his cat. Mom asked Kate if we were going to get a dog, she said, "Mom's lergic, we can only have a poodle noodle." The things 3 yr. olds say. Hilarious.
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Monday, June 25, 2007

1/2 birthday party for "thing one and thing two"

They aren't little babies any longer. Tate and Seth turn 4 1/2 and have a great family dinner complete with presents. I think they now have enough water guns to last the entire summer for all the kids on the block.

Grandmothers 90th birthday photo montage

Just a few fun shots of the party. The kids looked especially cute today! Hard to believe Grandma is 90 years old already. Time goes so quickly!