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Monday, September 15, 2008

Family filled weekend

Jamie, Shane, Bjorn and Myles

Saturday was Auntie Shiz' funeral services so it was a jam packed weekend filled with lots of Nakaya family. By Friday evening the events were well underway. Dinner in Burbank with Uncle Kaz, Janie, Karen, Mickey, Shorty and Bjorn and I. Then we went back to the house to chat while I waited till it was time to get Mom and Dad and Grandma from LAX. It was a Great to see everyone and we had such good food.

Saturday morning we met at the Church for services and a lunch to follow. It was great to see and meet all kinds of family. Joanne, Jamie, and Andrea and kids came up from San Diego, Josh came from Pasadena, we also met Kathy, Kaz' daughter, and Shiz' sister in law and nephew. There were many friends from the church to support Kaz. It really was a great gathering. Everyone sat around and talked for hours at the church, then we went back to the hotel where all the out-of-towners were staying. We talked and slept and hung out there even more and then ended for dinner at Kaz' house.

Jamie's kids are beautiful and fun. Shane, just one day younger than Myles, has been walking for more than a month. He is so cute and good natured like Myles. He and Myles look like each other a little too, although Myles is much larger than Shane. Natalie is a beauty just like her mother. She wasn't feeling well however and she ended up barfing in the car and they had to cut their weekend short to get her home.

Great Grandma and Myles

Sunday Kaz brought Grandma back to my house and we all had lunch till it was time to go to the airport. It was nice to see everyone and especially grandma. We can't believe how fast Grandma has lost her memory. She repeats herself all day long and asks the same questions. She must have told us that Monrovia has cute little homes ten times. Really sad.

Myles really did well through all the events considering there was only a 1/2 hour short nap. He was a hit with Janie, Karen, and Mickey. I'm also including this picture of Myles in his bear towel. It only took me a year to make it for him! I've made 10 or so since he was born, but all for gifts. Oh well better late than never. I sure to love a clean smelling baby boy.


Melissa said...

Sounds like a huge weekend full of fun.
I wish we could've been there.
Cute pic's.

Kristin said...

Didn't mom and dad come? Gram looks old. What was Kathy like?

Leslie said...

I'm glad that you were able to be there, at least, to represent the siblings. It's too bad that it takes that type of event sometimes to get people together. Glad you had fun visiting with everybody, wish we could've been there.

angie said...

Sounds like despite the sadness it was a great way to reconnect with relatives.