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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lost and Found

My parents and my sister and her family are all in town for a weekend of Disneyland fun. We spent Thursday at the beach, then went to Disneyland and California Adventure on Friday and Saturday. They all had a great time, but were very tiered. It's hard work having so much fun. Because it takes so much "stuff" to move a family of seven, I told my sister she could use all of my stuff (double stroller, high chair, pack-n-play). Today they used the single stroller that I last used when we went on vacation to Disneyland for 4 days. It was the trip that I lost my then brand new camera, along with all our vacation pictures. I was totally bummed out about it. Well Kristin called me today and said that she had found my Nikon Cool Pix camera in the luggage area of the single stroller. I couldn't believe it. I was sure it was lost on the ground of Disneyland the night before we left. I was sure I would never see it again. I am sure that I looked there already, I'm sure Bjorn already looked there. But as Myles says all the time " tah-dah", it's back! I can't wait to download all the pictures and see what I have. Stay tuned! I'm going to have some catch up to do...