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Monday, September 15, 2008

Telling Tuesday

So Angie, my cousin, @ Seven Clown Circus has Photo Story Friday, and Wordful Wednesday and I'm going to start "Telling Tuesday."

For my first "Telling Tuesday" I wanted to share what I wake up to each morning. This little guy can now pull up on EVERYTHING and he especially loves to do it at the rail of the crib. What you can't see is that I also have beaver living in the crib. He, and his 6 little teeth, have eaten down to the bare wood. I haven't been able to find a plastic rail cap cover (if you know where I can get one please share) so for now I have wrapped it in fabric so I don't have this little guy ingesting anymore finish. What is a mother to do... especially when you are greeted with a smile like this!


angie said...

Can't see the teeth marks, but what a wonderful sight to wake up to, Brooke! He's So cute, and reminds me of Bjorn in this picture. Telling Tuesday is so clever!

Kristin said...

That's what Luke did. I found a plastic rail cover that came in 4 pieces at babiesRus I think.

Melissa said...

Yeah but he's just so cute.

andrea said...

We found the plastic teething cover at Babies R Us.