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Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Thanks to my mom and dad I have a rich life full of many traditions. One of those traditions is to decorate for Christmas. I love it! I *HEART* the Christmas season. I start listening to Christmas music in October and I love it when the California weather starts to get cold.
Our temp. reader said it was in the 40's tonight! Buuuurrrrrr, that's cold for us So. Cal. people. I remember "helping" my mom each year put out the Christmas decorations. It would take us a whole day and I just loved the house when it was done. There are things that I know are going to be up each year when I go back home for Christmas. The nativity set we got to help paint or the sucker tree that was so popular in the 80's. There are so many. I've started to make our home a Christmas Wonderland too. I am loving getting to put garland on the miles of railing I have.
I now for the first time have a mantle to hang stockings on, wahoo!
I'm not sure what we are going to do for a tree this year. The girls may undress it daily, but we will figure out something. With our tall two story living room we could get a really tall tree this year. Too bad they charge by the foot though. A really tall one would cost me about 200$

Womb mates

In the womb, and even now, they were and are intertwined. It's funny to me that they still gravitate to each other when they are near. This happens almost every time they are drinking bottles. It's almost like a security blanket for them.


Audrey, Audrey, Audrey. She wants to feed herself. It's a battle we fight quite often. She wants to put the food in her mouth by herself and suck it down, but she often just pulls the bag from me and squeezes and this is what happens. She covered her whole face with food while we were at the mall a few weeks ago. I thought it was really funny, she was just stunned. She still wouldn't let me help her, by the way. She is as stubborn as I am. I thought she looked like a crazy colorful Picasso painting.

Shop monkeys

Last week Bjorn had to change the oil in the cars. Myles ever wanting to "help"got his little Fred Flintstone car out and did just as daddy did. It was one of the most precious things I have seen him do. I loved it! He's growing in so many ways and when he does things like this I know it's going by too fast. His speach is still a little rough sometimes, but this is what he told me. "I need my witch(wrench) just like daddy's." Then he would make all these grunting noises just like he was working really hard to get off the bolts to the oil filter and such. Cute little guy!


I think this picture says a thousand words. You might ask how long it's been since I dusted last. Well, hmmmm...if you can't remember what does that say? Okay, okay, I'm trying harder.