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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

So it has been a tradition of Bjorn and I to travel to Yosemite National Park each Thanksgiving to camp in the beautiful Valley. It didn't happen last year as Myles was only about 7 weeks old. This year we thought we would give it a go. It is always cold this time of year, but with free hot showers near by it's not that bad. If you get too cold you just go take a warm shower and you are set.

This year like most we were one of the few tent campers. The camp ground if full because it is the last weekend it's open, but because of the cold I guess most opt to camp in an RV of some sort. Well not the Dodd's. We are the good ol' fashion campers who do it all in a tent. We even cook a full Turkey dinner to boot. It is just beautiful there and we always have a great time. We made some changes this year. One, we left the dog home. He doesn't like the cold, and he can't go on most of the trails. Two, we got a bigger tent. It's like sleeping in the Hilton. Big enough for a queen size blow up bed and the pack-n-play and still have tons of room for Myles to play in. Third, we came home a day early. One of the neighbors who we met saw us packing up on Saturday morning. He came to chat with Bjorn and Bjorn just nicely told him that the baby was done. I yelled from inside the tent that the pregnant mommy was done! I have to get some points for even coming, right! I have to say that it isn't any fun to get out of the warm sleeping bag in the middle of the night to go hang your butt out in the woods somewhere to pee, two or three times a night. Then there was the "I think I'm going to be sick" problem. If you puke just anywhere is the bear who roams through the camp going to find it and come looking for more? I just didn't sleep well and by the 3rd night I was done.

Myles had a great time being outside. He didn't like wearing all the gear to keep him warm, especially the mittens, but they were a must at 30 degrees. Plus it's hard to walk around where there are all kinds of obstacles when your just a new walker. Needless to say he spent much time on the ground. Hot showers were a must this trip! Here are a few pictures from this years adventure.

What a differance a year makes

(sorry the quality isn't very good it was an email picture that my friend took for me. )

So last year Myles went to see Santa. We waited almost an hour in line and he sat nicely for the picture. This year we waited all of 3 min. and sit nicely isn't what I would call it. More like scream your heart out. He hated Santa! Wouldn't stop crying till I took him off the lap of Santa. It's funny to see the differences between then and now.