Motherhood = going crazy one day at a time!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

"Were having fun, Momma"

This afternoon the kids wanted to watch the Elmo movie. So Myles put it on and we all piled on the couch to watch. I had just a few min. before getting lunch together. I thought I would sit on the couch too and watch for a few minuets. I did, but it turned out to be longer than that. You see when I sit down I fall asleep. I did so for about 15 min. till I heard the sound of the master bathroom toilet flushing above my head. I woke up shocked at the quiet house. Never a good sign. Then as I went up the stairs I still heard nothing. Again, not a good sign. I walked all the way down the hall and noticed a few drops of water on the floor. I thought to myself, has Myles peed his pants?, no it was worse than that. I open the door to my bedroom only to find the bathroom door closed too. I can hear all of them screaming and laughing and having a great ol' time. As I get closer to the door, my feet are getting wet, yep, soaking wet! I open the door in time to see Myles dumping a "pot" of water over the head of Lydia. "What are you doing" I yell. He said "we are having fun momma!" There must be a 1/2 inch of water on the entire bathroom floor and all the towels and rugs are now soaked. I look at the kids who are also soaked and then I notice that the sink water isn't running. Yep, you guessed it. They were getting the water from the TOILET! EWWWW...After stripping them all down and putting them each in their beds I notice that the water wasn't only contained to the bathroom, it's all over my bedroom. The floor is wet everywhere and there is pools of water on each of the nightstands. The entire bed, pillows and all, are soaked with toilet water and the pictures above the bed are dripping with water. I can't believe it. I didn't even know where to start. So I make Myles come and help me clean this mess up. He spends the next 10 min. hauling wet laundry to the garage. I'm soaking up all the extra water with towels and trying not to beat him in the process. I then tell Myles that if he has gotten water all the way to my bed it my be ruined. I told him how much it cost and that he would owe me the money. I asked him if he had 2,000$ and he said, "yea". I was so mad at this point that I sent him back to his room.

I then put each of the kids in the tub one by one to wash off all the toilet water and then dress them again. In the middle of one of the girls bath I turn around and notice that Myles has left me a pile of all his coins as payment for the bed. I start to feel really bad, but then I remember how much of a mess I still needed to clean and forget about being soft.

I get everyone washed, fed and into bed for naps and then I get to tackle 6 loads of laundry, and major disinfecting of my toilet water bathroom. It was a good 15 min. nap, but I don't think it was worth it. Kids do the darnedest things! Wishing I had a picture of the events.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Myles' isms

Mom, Honestly!

When Yoda was barking at traffic in front of the house he yelled, "Yoda- RELAX."

When questioned about what was hooked to his pants (carabiniere) he replied, "It's a hooker, see it goes in and out, in, out, in, out."

On our way to Disneyland we have to travel a section of the 5 freeway. It's always congested and slow. It's still the fastest way to get to Disneyland, but Myles hates it. He asked where we were going and why it was taking so long. I told him it was because we were on the 5 freeway and there was traffic. He then turned to me and said, "Mom, the 5 SUCKS". Now whenever we get on the freeway he wants to know if we are going on the 5, because it sucks!
More to come...

While Momma is away...

The girls will play. Audery and Lydia were found in the tub, fully clothed, covered in baby wash. Yep, the whole brand new bottle. I wish you could see how much they had on them. The wash is clear however, but you can imagine. Lydia even managed to get it in her eyes. I don't know about you, but I just turned by back for a second and this is what happened. It seems to me that the older the girls get the faster they are about getting into trouble. The only thing left to do was to run get the camera and then strip them down and run a HUGE BUBBLE bath. Yep, they had a good ol' time!

Monday, May 16, 2011

First haircut for the Beans

Audrey post snip
Audrey before her cut, "what you talking about Willis" is all I can think of when I see this face she gives me daily. It's so dang funny to me. I just know I'm in for it durring the teenage years.

It was time for the girls to have their first haircut. I've been waiting for Lydia to get enough hair, but all she can grow is top and back, nothing on the sides. It was a real problem and a long mullet so we opted for a snip. Audrey on the other hand has a ton of hair and I just got her a trim so that she could keep her length for piggy tails. It turns out that Lydia's hair is really cute short and I love her little kissable neck that you can now see. We are really lucky to have our friend cut the kids hair as they are supper wiggly and not always the most cooperative. Thanks Lala! What do you think?

Lydia being bribed to hold still for the haircut
Lydia post cut with her cute short snip

Sunday, May 15, 2011

My babies are TWO!

I'm not sure how this happened, but the girls turned two yesterday. It's been the shortest two years of my life. It's been a little blurry at times and a little crazy at times, but it's been the best two years. I have to say we've come a long way in those two years. Our family went from three to five in two short minutes. We went from no talking children to all talking children. We went from babies to toddlers and beyond. It's been amazing to watch these little ones grow and develop. I couldn't have picked a more fulfilling job than being their mother.

Audrey's accomplishments: 27# or 53%, 35" or 90%
Full set of teeth
Full head of hair fit for piggy tails!
Great big sister to Lydia
She is compassionate
She is stubborn

Lydia's Accomplishments:26# 13oz. or 50%, 35 1/2" or 95%
Full set of teeth
Obedient (mostly)

The best shot we got of the girls with their beloved Minnie Bags.
The girls started their birthday week out at Disneyland. It's a favorite of everyone so why not?! They each got their birthday button to wear and everyone was wishing them "Happy Birthday" all day long. One notable difference is that they are no longer wanting to ride in the stroller. They would rather walk. One would think that is a great thing, but at the pace they walk it would take you 5 hours to walk a mile, but they did it. I think they only rode two short trips in the stroller the rest of the day they walked and that's a lot of walking for those short little legs. Let's just say they were asleep in the car before we hit the freeway. They enjoyed the entire day save one meltdown by Lydia when she was awoke from her stroller nap sooner than she would have liked. More on that later. The kids experienced new rides as we spent the entire time in California Adventure. They love Monsters Inc., the sea creature marry-go-round, and Toy Story. The highlight of the trip was the Minni Mouse purse they picked out at the end of the day. We have been wanting to get them something fun for their birthday. I've even taken them to the toy store to look at different things. They look with great delight and play with many things for a min. or two before giving it back to me and saying "no like". I was stumped on what to get them. We walked through this princess store and they looked and collected several things they thought were cute. Upon making a final selection they each at different times chose the same thing! Funny how similar they are sometimes. They love these little bags and haul them around filling them with all kids of funny things. Thanks Auntie Kristin.

Now for the meltdown. Lydia had fallen asleep while in the stroller for a short ride from one side of the park to the other. Bjorn let her sleep while I took Audrey and Myles on a ride. When we got back Myles wanted to do the ride again so Bjorn took him on the ride and Audrey just hung out with me. Well the stroller got bumped and the sleeping bear was awoken. I'm telling you this was the worst tantrum I have EVER SEEN. She started to cry right away. I was working fast to get off her straps and get her out of the stroller. By the time this was done she was pulling things off the stroller and throwing them on the ground. Anything she could move she was. She was hitting me, wriggling out of my hold, trying to push the man who was sitting next to us on the bench. It was a doosey. If you've ever seen a t.v. show where someone is mad and they take their hand and knock off everything that is on a table, that was Lydia. She was so mad it took her about 15 min. to walk it off. She just walked around in circles trying to get away from all of us while screaming and crying. Bjorn just walked behind her in the distance and let her blow it off. Man, don't cross this little girl. Note to self: watch out for the teenage years!

Having a great time in the bounce house
On their birthday morning we took the kids to IHOP. I don't know why I can never seem to remember why this isn't a good idea, but it just isn't. It's not that we don't go out, it's just the wait time from ordering your food to getting the food. It just about kills us. Anyway we all had a great big breakfast before heading to a local nursery school for a carnival. The kids loved the carnival and had a great time in the bouncy house, fishing, getting balloons, going in the petting zoo and various other things. Then it was home to catch a nap. That's a full day when you are only two.

Lydia's Duckie cake

Audrey's Ladybug cake

We returned home for naps and a quick dinner before eating cake. It was a great day. I love these little girls, they are so fun and full of life. It's an honor to be their mother. Love you Beans!