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Friday, July 25, 2008


Ok we heard from BYU and we're for sure moving to Idaho. We didn't make the cut this week and so the next cut is only once school starts on the 20th. So we're packing up putting the house up for rent and moving on the 15th or 16th for sure.
So anyone knows of anyone who wants a house to rent in a good neighbourhood let them know.
I gotta go start packing.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Aren't kids just perfect when they're sleeping!?! Somehow Yuki managed to get all her toys in her crib together in one corner to protect her from all the monsters, if they happen to come during the night, you know, through the wardrobe.
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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Dru went down to Provo yesterday to meet with the dean.
Dru said he had his 'poker' face on but it was a good visit.
The dean said the waitlist is small and they're making some decisions next week.
Also there's some people who turn up the first day and decide it's not for them or just plain don't turn up.
So if he gets called a day after law school starts we'll pack up all our stuff in Idaho and take the loss and move to an apartment down Orem ways for a year because the renters in our house would've signed a contract for a year.
Dru said he felt good about it.
The dean said emails and calls aren't effective and he's glad Dru came down to visit him.
Dru says he thinks it gave him a face to the name as well as a little more insight to why he wants to practice law and why BYU.
So I'm glad he went down and I think it was a great visit.
So fingers still crossed!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lesson today

Whilst going through the loft the other night I found a letter to myself that I could only open when I was married. I also had written one to my future husband.
It was pretty cool to read.
I still haven't let Dru read the one for him. I think with all my sorting I packed it up again and forgot where I put it. Oh well.
One thing that struck me though was my testimony!
It was really great to read!
Today I taught the death lesson in church!
I think it was one of the hardest things I've had to do. I still can't believe I did it.
I'm not even a permanant teacher, just a one time sub!!
Anyway I was crying before I got up to the pulpit. Never a good just went downhill from there!!
I think I lost it a couple of times. One time pretty bad..............I think I was actually sobbing and had to get a much needed hug from a sister in the room.
I was asked if I could keep going, it was pretty sad.
I don't know if I ever stopped really crying the whole lesson.
My fathers' death is still so hard for me even more so because of how he died.
BUT in doing this lesson I got to study Joseph Smith's words.
What a great prophet and truly great man he is. What brilliant and inspired words he had to say.
I think I'll always be hanging onto the lesson and those words my whole life.
I have a testimony of this gospel and it's teachings.
Sometimes it's the only thing that gets me through.
And through reading that letter to myself I've realized how I've always had this testimony of the gospel and my saviour.
I think it's going to take a while before I can outwardly 'rejoice' the passing of a loved one, but I can work on it right?
I think in a lot of ways I do rejoice though.
I rejoice to know where he is and what he's doing.
I rejoice to know I'm going to see him again and be able to talk to him.
I rejoice because of the truthfulness I have in my life.
Most importantly though I rejoice in my saviour, because without him, all of us would be lost, and none of us would be seeing anyone in wonderful situations.
What would I do without this truth?
Probably not be able to rejoice about anything to do with death, that's for sure.
I'm pretty glad today's over, but I'm grateful for the experience, I think!
Nah I am.