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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas

Well it's Christmas Eve today and we have the house all tidy for everyone to mess up again. Mum and I worked on it this morning. Now the rest is up to the grandkids!!
We're getting the food ready for tonight and tomorrow and things are looking good.
This is Masaru right before his kindy party all dressed up and ready to go with his cousin, Elise. She's wearing her birthday outfit from Grandma as her birthday was on the 17th of December.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE TWINS, Seth and Tate, who are officially 5 today. Wow 5 years old. I can't believe it.
Here's Masaru and Rylie hanging out as well. He's my brother, Gareth's, child. Good boy. They're due for their next one in May next year. So that's exciting for them.
I thought I'd get some close ups of Yuki Mei. She's so cute man, I love her to bits. Her eyes are really blue, just like Masaru's were. So I'm not sure if she'll keep them, as after 2 years old, Masaru's eyes turned green.
She's doing great and eating more but 4 hours apart now, roughly. She's sleeping from around 10 to about 7 roughly every night. So I'm getting great sleep.
I hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year. We're having a big Christmas Eve party tonight and opening the pressies at Mum's tomorrow morning then doing brunch and lunch at Gareths' then hanging out at Llewellyn's for the rest of the night. The boys want to play paintball on Christmas night but we didn't know if we could cause Dru's canisters were in Utah. But they just turned up today so all my brothers are cheering.
Love you guys.
Dru Nakaya clan