Motherhood = going crazy one day at a time!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Myles was having problems with going poop on the potty so I put him back in Pull-ups till he could go four time in a row on the potty. Anyway he wasn't too fond of the pull-ups because they are not only hot, but big and bulky and they get all bunched up. Especially since I make him wear them till they practically fall apart. So we were walking through Target and he is walking all crazy and lifting his legs up all funny. I stopped and said "Myles what is the problem?" He looked at me as said in a very serious face "Mom, my pants all jacked up!" What do you say to that! I just looked at him and started laughing. What else do you say to a statement like that? What a cute boy.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I do it

The girls are now at the age where I can't get away with feeding them anymore. They always want to do it themselves. It's really bothersome for me. Only in that it takes forever for them to eat, and it's REALLY MESSY. I hate both! This is Audrey and her chipmunk face. She looks like she is storing food for the winter. Meals are such a fight right now. I always want to feed them, and they always want to "do it myself". What fun.


Me: "Myles, you do know that orange pants and a red stripe shirt don't match right?"
Myles: "Well, it matches my underwear!"

What the heck goes on in the mind of a three year old! It's too funny. We have so many funny and odd conversations just like this one.