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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Kangaroo Zoo

This past weekend we went out to visit my mate from NZ, Katie. This was the first time we've seen her
since we got back.
So I handed off some chocolate cream easter eggs from home. Ah on a side tanget, there's no comparison, once you've tried NZ chocolate you'll be throwing up after eating Hershy's. So maybe it's safe to never try it.
Then she handed Masaru some late birthday gifts. One of which was a couple of hours at a place called Kangaroo Zoo. One of my other mates, Sarah, blogged about the one in North Salt Lake.
This was the one out in Pleasant Grove.
Can I just say that if I was a kid, I would've been doing anything possible to come to this place. It's a kids dream!! There's all these blow up castles EVERYWHERE. And Hannah and Masaru started just running and didn't stop for two hours until we told them they HAD to!!
Yes your eyes aren't decieving you. We put Yuki down one of the slides. Let's just say she wasn't too impressed! Poor wee thing. What a horrible mother!!
Soooooooooooooooooo much fun.
So I'd highly recommend it to everyone out there.
Katie, love you girl, and thanks for a GREAT DAY!! My *shout next time.
Don't you think these pic's are soooooo funny.
Man I was CRACKING up when I saw them. I'm still laughing now. Look at those faces.
Great action shots aye!?!
There's TONS more but these are my fav's.

*Shout, for the American readers, is a term we kiwi's use to mean 'pay for'. I'm pretty sure it comes from being in the pub and 'shouting' to the bar tender than the drinks are on you.
Nice Melissa, real nice!!!

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dru's first Blog!!

Moscow...and I don't mean Russia

We decided that I should attend the college of law's open house and check out Moscow and the U of I. After hours of searching on the internet, we finally found a direct flight to Spokane, a rental car and a hotel.
I hit the airport at 7:00pm, the flight was short and sweet, and I was in my 2006 fire engine red chevy cobalt coupe by 8:30. It was dark now and I had an hour and 39 minute drive, according to map quest, to Moscow.
Let me tell you the first thing I learned about Idaho and Washington...they drive SOOOOO SLOOOOOOW. The speed limit of 55 didn't help. The "normal" mentality of driving 8-10 miles over the limit is safe for not getting ticketed is wasted up there. They all drive within 5 miles of the speed limit and sometimes thats 5 miles slower! They pulsate! 5 miles over, down to 5 miles under, now the speed limit, now 5 miles over...ever heard of cruise control! highway 191 is an undivided two lane highway, and everyone trails so close to the car in front of them that you can't pass them unless you have a supercharged hemi with a blower because you have to pass the 8 other cars in front of the guy you're passing cause there is now room to squeeze in.
AGGRAVATION! And I had no cell service to call and complain to some poor soul, probably Melissa.
I rolled into the Palouse Inn on Baker Street at just after 10:00, map quest was accurate on time. They must have taken into account the slow driving of the north because I didn't think I would have taken so long!
A room with a bed, a mini fridge, a microwave, a TV, and a toilet, nothing more, nothing less, just as promised on the web.
After checking in with the Mrs. I watched some TV and dose off.
Todays the day, the sun is shining, the tank is clean...wait I'm in Moscow not 42 Wallaby Way Sydney. But the sun was shining and I was off to the open house. And just as advertised the hotel really was in walking distance of the university. Only a half a mile to the law building, now thats what I call a commute!
8:45am check in, 8:50 run back to the car and put the parking pass in the window (parking Nazis up here), 9:00 welcome, 9:30 boaring panel discussion about the legacy of justice Holmes (early 1900's), 10:30 more boaring Panel discussion with Q&A, 11:30 panel discussion with current students-finally something of value!, 12:30 lunch at Patty's Kitchen, 2:00 tour of the college of law-they weren't kidding when they said its a small law school, it consists of three floors in one building, 2:30 apartment be continued