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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Old friends

My old Boston roomie Somer, and her husband Billy, baby Paz, and Jack the dog came for a quick visit on their way to Mexico. They are moving there and have driven from Calgary, Canada stopping in Seattle, So. Cal, and then on to Mexico. Good luck in your travels and the grand adventure you are about to embark upon. Thanks for stopping to see us. It was a great day at the park. We loved the visit. Maybe the next will be in Mexico!
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A Circle

Myles and the girls *HEART* playing on the stairs. I hate it and tell them not to play there all the time. I was doing something... I don't know what, but I heard arguing over a blue ball. Myles of course won, but as he grabbed it he began to fall backward and down the stairs. He reached out to grab something, Audrey. They began to fall head over heals down the entire flight of stairs, landing at the bottom with his face against the null post. He came running to find me screaming so loud that he couldn't breath. I finally got him to calm down and tell me what happened and all he could say was, "Momma, we were like a circle falling down the stairs". I hope this will teach them to play somewhere else in the house.
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Cheeky Monkey

I can't remember why he didn't have clothes on this afternoon. It's an occurrence that happens oft at our house. They get in the pool without clothes, they get wet at the water table, they get hot... the list goes on. Although I have to say that riding while naked isn't the most responsible thing. It could cause a few "chaffing" problems if you know what I mean. I do however love those cute little cottage cheese buns!

Myles has really come out of his shell the last few months. He has become quite the imaginative boy. He loves to make believe and pretend and make the girls follow along. The other day he set up his "country" in the living room. It was the country of Living land. I thought it was rather cute. He sets up shopping all the time and announces with his microphone that lane #3 is open for shopping. He takes his Fred Flintstone cars to the "gas station" (the garden hose) for fuelling all the time. It's quite a job imagining all day long.

Myles starts pre-school two days a week on Tuesday. I'm jumping for joy and think he is going to love it. I wish I could afford to send him more, but I'll take two days. The hardest part is going to be the girls. They cry when he leaves them. I forget that the three are always together. The girls keep telling me that they are going to school too. It's very cute.

Way to go Myles, you are getting so big, and I'm sure you have big things ahead. I can't wait to see what live has in store for you!
Love you Bubba.
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Wait for it...

So as promised I have finally taken pictures of the little girls room. It turned out really cute if I don't say so myself! I found the cute picture on our last trip to Prague. Then the Dolls hanging on the wall are from mom and dad's trip to Russia. The red mirror was a hand-me-down from Aunt Carol and Uncle Hal when they moved to the East Coast. It was stained brown, but I put a coat of red on it and love how it looks hanging from these curtain tie backs from Tiapan Trading. I picked them up for 3$ each and a quick coat of paint on them for the tie backs and the hanging letters. I love them. The toy stack was an Ikea find that needed to be pained too. And last but not least the lamp I found a strand of black and red beads in my sewing stuff. So I guess what I am saying is the only thing I really spent money on was the framing of the picture. It is always the most expensive and I wish someone(ahhmm...Ryan, Leslie, Dru) would buy and mate cutter and learn to do this well. I would pay for the mate cutter. Anywho there you have it! What do you think.
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