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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Love/Hate relationships

(yes I know this picture is out of focus, but it's a really funny picture anyway)

So we have a Love, Hate relationship at our house. It all has to do with our family dog, Yoda. He's really lovely sometimes, and a real beast other times. I just don't know what to do at times. Let's just give you some history here. It all began back when I was pregnant the first time around. I has just had a miscarriage and I really wanted a baby, so I thought a dog might do. Well I found a really cute puggle online and he arrived about two months later. He was a great little guy. And for the most part he still is. If you want to sit and watch T.V. with your own personal heater just come on over because Yoda loves to sit on your lap and yes it is warm. Myles and Yoda love each other and Yoda is really patient with him. He never tries to bite or nip him. Myles hits, pulls, slobbers and Yoda takes it for a time. When he has had enough he gets up and moves to higher ground that Myles can't yet reach, my bed. So like I was saying, it's just certain times that I really want to open the door and let him run out and not find his way back.

Yoda has his share of problems. Let's just say that I'm not the only medicated person in the family. Yoda has "separation anxiety" so rather than let him continue to destroy our house when we leave him, we have opted to medicate him. It works well, but is expensive, although not as expensive as replacing all the things he could and has destroyed. What has he destroyed you say? Let me tell you: two remote controls, three leather ottomans, one web cam, one camera, countless shoes, several books including the binding on our wedding album, corner of a table and chair... the list goes on but honestly I can't remember all the things he has eaten. Now this isn't the only problem. He also will poop in the house if left alone. Not because he needs to or because he isn't potty trained, because he CAN. When left in a crate he will bark till we return and he scratches at the gate till I think his fingernails are going to fall out. He then will poop and roll in it so that you have to bathe him when you get him out.

The latest inconvenience in our life has been that the dog may have contracted worms. We won't know for sure till next week. The test takes two weeks to get back. And Yep, they are transferable and yep we may all get them too. The Vet told me that if any of us noticed unusual red spots on our skin to go to the doctor and have checked out. Well, Myles woke this morning with a red rash on his neck. Panicked that he had worms we called the doctor who saw us this afternoon. The long and the short of it is that the rash has nothing to do with worms, and that it isn't manifest in the same way for humans as for dogs. Myles is perfectly fine, but just the fact that we had to go to the doctor to find out makes me think "why do we have a dog!"

(Myles is 28.5 lbs btw)


Melissa said...

Wow, Myles is staying big!!
Last check up Yuki was 20lbs! She's in the 50th for her weight and 25th for her height.
Well I'm sorry you're having a hard time with Yoda.
I'd get rid of him. But it's easier said from an outside perspective than actually owning the dog.
If I really thought about it I can't even get rid of pants that have a story behind them, so if I think I could get rid of a dog I had for 3 years maybe I"m just fooling myself.
The only way I could get rid of the two birds, Clifford and Franklin was that the people we were giving them too really wanted them and worked in a vet so I knew they'd be well looked after.
Maybe it'd be easier if you knew Yoda was going to a really great home where he'd love it.

Fun times at the McF home said...

Brooke...we had a dog and got rid of her about a year ago. I've always loved dogs, but, getting rid of her was the BEST decision I have ever made. She was a pain in the butt. She chewed everything up and it got to the point that I couldn't even take the garbage out without her pouncing on me and litereally injuring me. (She was a mix of a german shorthair and a golden retriever). Ethan still says prayers for her almost nightly, but it made me happy. Not saying that is what you should do, but just telling you my experience. Glad that Myles didn't have worms though...and I posted pictures from my bro's wedding on my blog if you want to check them out.

angie said...

Uh oh. Are you buying his medicine from the vet or through a pharmacy? Many times it's cheaper through the pharmacy. My fingers are crossed that he doesn't have worms, or that none of you do either. Yikes. Myles sure is growing well!

Kristin said...

Yeah, get rid of him. Who needs the aggravation? If it was a dog like Jedi, it'd be hard, but are you really going to miss all that destruction? And seriously, he poops in his cage and rolls in it? That'd be the last straw for me.

Mr. Puggle said...

"why do we have a dog!"

Hey Yoda! I am Mr. Puggle. Dude, better straighten up or you are gonna loose your people.

I am Mr. Puggle and I am a wild and crazy dog too. Leather? Yeah, I eat it too. My peoples' black leather couch. My people got me lots of chew toys and mini kongs filled with peanutbutter to keep me busy. It helped. See, the beagle in me wants to hunt and chew stuff I kill.

Potty in the house? Dude, so uncool. My people got me a doggie litter box. It is bigger than a cat litter box and they use this "Yesterday's News" litter. They put it in the laundry room. I was trained as a puppy with it so it make take you some practice time.

Since I am part beagle, I need more exercise than anyone can imagine. So my people take me for long runs on the bike. They ride the bike and I run along side. My attitude improved so much when they exercised me everyday and let me pretend I was on a hunt. You won't believe how long and how fast us Puggles can run. FAST! Cheaper than drugs. If you toss a small ball in the air I can jump REALLY high and catch it. Also chasing a laser around the house lets me exercise and makes my people laugh at me. Payback for all the grief I cause um.

So to pay for all the stuff I have eaten my people made me get a job. I opened my own puggle store. I am still working on it and will be adding more stuff soon. I could make one for you for free. Your cute mug could be on an actual mug. Have your people send me a high resolution of you (or Myle's for that matter if you are still in the dog house). Whatever you send I can put on anything in my store. Grandma's LOVE it.

Well stay out of trouble man, and feel free to email if you need a pen pal or someone to bail you out of jail.

Mr. Puggle

ps. My people make me work for every nugget of food and feed me once in the a.m. and once in the p.m. Sometimes they hide it around the house and i go find it. They put it in kongs or toys that make it hard to come out and keeps me busy. They make me sit and I get one nugget. Down, one nugget, stay, one nugget. It really helped me with training because us puggles will do anything for food. We are really smart and can learn all sorts of tricks.