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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Gravy Train

Well the girls are 4 months old and I just had to buy the first package of diapers for them( other than the preemie size). Can you say this is the end of the "gravy train". I think we did really good considering the amount of diapers we go through. We had so many generous people give us diapers as a shower gift. I imagine that it has saved us hundreds already. I don't really like to think about how much diapers cost over the life of the child. It's too depressing to do the math. I also still have 4 packages of size 2-3's which are still too big but we will use them when they grow a little more. And speaking of growing...

I don't know where the time has gone, but Audrey and Lydia just had their 4 month check ups. They are both growing and thriving. Audrey is 24 1/2 inches long and 14lbs. 2 oz. Lydia is 25 inches long and 13 lbs. 14 oz. That puts them both in the 50% for weight and Audrey in the 50% for height, but Lydia in the 75% for height. She grew 3 1/4 inches in two months! They are great babies and we can't imagine, nor remember, how life was without them. Here's a little shot of them playing in the "jungle gym". They love to be near each other and are often found with their sisters body parts in their mouths. I tried to capture this, but was too slow at getting the camera. I was lucky to remember to take a video at all! It's been a long day already since Myles got me out of bed @ 5 am today. I HATE the big boy bed for that reason alone. When he wakes he is on the prowl. Not much I can do about that. It is nice to have the girls in their real bed in a real bedroom however. All three are now sleeping great in the same room.