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Thursday, August 6, 2009

The end of an era

Today I put Myles in time out, the offense isn't relevant, but he had other ideas. You see time out in our house is in his crib. While I sat on the couch feeding Audrey, I watched as Myles tried to figure out how to CLIMB OUT OF THE CRIB! I know that I have been lucky that he hasn't tried this before now, but really what am I going to do now? It started with him reaching his arm through the bars to see how far away the bed is from the crib. Then he stood up and pulled himself up on the end of the crib. Then the foot was over the rail. Then the other foot on top of the rail. A bit of nervous crying, and he didn't actually get out, but if I had let him try longer I think that he would have. I can't believe it. That means bye-bye long naps where he would play in the crib for and hour( or two). Bye-bye to sleeping in on Saturday mornings(he knows how to open doors). Oh, I really don't want to be in this phase of life. I like putting the children in a particular spot and knowing that when I come back for them they will still be there. Not so anymore! Maybe I should get a lid for the crib!