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Saturday, May 9, 2009

More quality time in labor and delivery

Well another week has passed and another Doctor's appointment has come and gone. This time, as usual, he didn't like my BP(140/90). So across the street to the hospital I went to be monitored AGAIN. I had a full proof guarantee this time however. If my BP stayed high, or my protein in the urine was at a 3+ he would deliver the girls. Well as usual my BP went right down and my urine was only a 2+. So on both cases only border line hypertensive. Not a good enough reason to have a c-section yesterday.

All factors point to some really healthy girls however. They look beautiful on the monitors, and they even stayed on the entire time yesterday. Dr. Li approximated the weights to be around 5 lbs. each now. That's a good size baby. No wonder I feel so bad. And the ultimate kicker, they are girls who always seem to do better respiratory wise after an early delivery. I say let's get on with it and see what these two little girls look like. Oh- I almost forgot, they have turned. No longer are they both transverse, they are both breach and facing each other. So no wonder I am getting so many kicks to the bladder. I will still require a c-section for breach babies, but at least Audry's head might not be so smooshie looking. I am a little distressed by the fact that I have been calling them by name for quite some time now and since they have changed positions I don't know who is who. Disturbing!

Anyway my Doctor's appointment that should have only taken 1/2 hour turned out to take all day. I left the house at about 10am, and didn't get home till close to 4pm. I go back to see the doctor on Monday. He told the nurse to discharge me and tell me to go home and not be such a good patient. So I've been up more today doing things to get ready for the girls. I hope to go to a movie tonight. It's just sitting for 2 hours right! It may be the last movie I get to see for a LONG, LONG time.

Mom leaves us on Tuesday night and I will miss all the help she has been. She has cooked us a great meal each night. Cleaned my whole house, windows and curtains and all. And she loves my baby Myles who is just starting to be comfortable with her. I guess I'm lucky that she will be coming back in a few weeks to help out more. Maybe Myles will be better acquainted with her and will warm up faster.

So for now that's it folks. Not a single baby in sight, but we will keep you posted. Watch out for coming news!