Motherhood = going crazy one day at a time!

Friday, October 2, 2009


This is Myles favorite doggie. He got the original from Auntie Bug, when he was just a wee pup himself. As time has gone on he has grown to love this little doggie. You ask "what is the doggies name?"...well....Doggie of coarse! He can't go to sleep without him, he carries him all over the house and to most places we visit. Since he loves him so much I bought Myles a few extras since they would get really slobbery from all the loving Myles inflicted on him. If I didn't wash him about every two days you can't stand to sit next to him it would stink so bad. Even out of the wash he still has a small odor of spoiled milk and laundry detergent. Above you can see what a "new" doggie should look like. The picture below is the Picasso doggie. I often look at the poor thing and think of all the weird paintings that Picaso did. After Myles gets done with him, this little guy could resemble some of them. Notice how doggie is missing his hard plastic nose. Instead, he has stuffing coming through the hole where the nose once was. His face has sort of been "rearranged" by all the chewing and loving on it. Unfortunately you can't smell this little doggie nor does my photography portrait him in his true Picasso state. This little doggie is one of those things that I both hate and *heart*!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Two years old

My first born turned 2 today. I can't believe it, where has the time gone? Myles had a fun filled day beginning with presents early this morning. He wanted his P.J.'s off, so that's why he is filmed in his diaper. You can really see how much he is thinning down and getting REALLY tall without his clothes on.

Cars from Auntie Kristin and Uncle Chris
Train from Uncle Dru and Auntie Melissa

After breakfast we packed up for a shopping trip with a great friend and a little buddy of Myles too. We shopped for a while then had lunch on Myrtle street. After lunch we came home for a quick nap then it was off to the park for cake and ice cream with some friends. What a fun day.

The cake this year was Blue's Clues, Blue. Myles has loved the show the last month or so. He flashes his fingers open and closed when he wants to watch it. He was very happy looking at the picture I had pulled off the Internet this week. Then when he woke up this morning he was really happy to see the finished cake. He wanted to put his little fingers right in it! We also made a M&M cake, just to make sure we had enough for all our friends. Myles loves M&M's, and each morning he shows me his two fingers and points to the candy jar full of peanut M&M's. He knows he only gets two. This is a child of habit, if you can't already tell. It's kinda like living "Groundhogs Day", every day.

We had a great day, can't believe he's already two. Now I can say I have three kids, 2 and under!