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Friday, February 29, 2008

Too many Girls!!!!

Well I'm wondering if Masaru is getting influenced by all the girls he has around him.
The other day I busted him in the corner playing with the 'my little ponies' as well as the house set. He also wanted to watch the 'my little pony' movie his cousins had. It wasn't in the case however so he had to be left dissapointed!!
He had a bath the other day and I put a towel on him and sent him out to the livingroom.
I then stayed in the bathroom to clean up all the toys and mess made in there. I came out to find Masaru had on nothing but pink boots and a yellow umbrella. Now this is going to be a photo I"m sure he will not want reminded of at any stage of his teenage years. Might be good to have!!!!!!!!
He was also playing on the deck at around 7pm the other night and we heard a thump and a huge wail. He comes screaming inside and there's blood everywhere. I take him to the bathroom, in a panic, and we assess the situation. We try to stop the bleeding on his head so we can see how bad the cut really is. I know from my husband and his head wounds that head wounds are 'bleeders' and might not be as bad as you think. The cut was about a cm or half an inch and pretty deep so we headed off to the ER.
Fortunatley it's free, so we didn't have to start wondering and adding up in our minds how much this trip to the ER was going to cost us.
We get there and fill out some forms and the take us back and clean it up.
I guess they have this glue they can use instead of stiches so that's what was used.
The nurse wasn't aggressive enough though and Masaru just walked all over her. He clearly didn't want it touched or anything done to it and she just mucked around a lot!
I felt like getting the glue myself and doing it. I mean how hard could it be, really!
So she did half and let him have some breather time. She didn't come back for almost an hour!! Dru and I almost fell alseep!! Meanwhile Masaru's head still has a slow leak!! So finally after me saying a few words to the head nurse, we got it finished and were on our way. I don't think it's the best job at all but at least it's not hurting anymore and it's stopped bleeding.
It's his birthday tomorrow, Sunday the 2nd of March, and he's going to be 3. I'm making a Thomas the Tank Engine cake for him. He's been talking about it ever since he saw the picture in a cake book at my mothers house. So good luck to Dru and I, and we're going to attempt to make it for him. We're having my family around for it and I think it'll be fun. We got his presents today and are pretty excited for him. Don't you just love getting things for your kids birthdays and Christmas? I love it. I get so excited I can't control myself almost.
I'll take pic's and post it next week for you all.
Here are also some pic's of Yuki in a warmer dress for church. It was raining so we thought would be slightly cooler but forgot about the humidity!! Oh well. I think she looked cute.
She's doing well with her food now and so I'm going to keep feeding her the rice cereal every morning and night. I don't think I'll start her on veges until we're back in Utah!
Dru found out today that he got accepted into Idaho for law school. So he's happy about that. So good stats for the Nakaya family. Four schools heard from and four positive outcomes. Thanks Heavenly Father!!!
Sarah and Chad are away for the weekend as well as their kids. So we have the house all to ourselves. I miss our space!!
Love Dru Nakaya clanxxxx

Monday, February 25, 2008

To eat or not to eat!

Myles is almost 5 months old and we tried to feed him cereal tonight. Myles isn't too sure about the cereal. In fact I think he hates it. He first acted like he was gagging, although I had made it so runny that it could run down the back of his throat by itself. He ended up eating only about half of what I made before I gave in and gave him the boob. He's in for a rude awakening next week when I will run out of all the milk I have pumped for him. I can no longer keep up with his demands and I will have to start supplementing with formula. I don't know how that is going to go. We will let you know...

This was just before the gagging started.

Myles first bite of food was followed by gagging and crying.

"This is the Best Day of my Life"

When mom is on spring break, life is a party. Last week I finished my maternity nursing class and next I have Pediatrics. This semester is the first to begin breaking up the nursing classes into seven week blocks, each having a six credit hour class. I love that because I think I can tolerate anything for seven weeks, and I only have one thing to concentrate on instead of spreading myself out over four or five classes. Anyway, the blocks are split between a week off, which is spring break. It is unfortunate that it doesn't correspond with the kids' spring break!
So this leads to Saturday. Ryan began the day snowmobiling up by Kamas. While he was gone, Ethan and Graham had friends over to play. When Ryan came home he took the boys and their friends swimming at the Rec Center. While they were gone I headed down to the little local Vietnamese shop for a Pedicure, not a care in the world! Everyone needs to recharge their batteries occasionally, whether it's through a couple hours of snowmobiling or an hour long pedicure.
When we all got back we took the boys to Chuck E Cheese, a slimy little place you may have heard of, which they think is the greatest thing in the world. The twins especially loved it this time, since they are finally getting old enough to appreciate arcade games and loved autonomy of having their own tokens to spend. When we were winding up the night Graham said, "This is the best day of my life!"
Boy, so easy to please! It reminds me how important it is though to enjoy family time together, and create good memories for your children, they grow so fast! Life is not always so extravagant, but we've got to enjoy the time while we have it...tonight we're going night skiing!