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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Myles and his keys!

It all began when I had the great idea to pile into the MDX and go to the car wash. It was the big outing for Saturday. We get to the car wash and successfully wash the car. We pull out of the bay and up to the vacuum when Bjorn and I are out drying off the car.

Now this is the part where you need some background. Myles loves keys. All kinds, but especially car keys with big plastic heads and clickers attached. In my rush to get out the door I didn't pay attention to the fact that he had the spare set of keys in his grubby little paws. We are driving to the car wash and I notice this, but it's too late and if I try and take them away now I will have to hear about it all the way to the car wash and I just didn't want to, so I left him with the keys.

By this point you can probably guess where I am going with this. We were out drying off the car when the last door gets closed to dry it off. Well, Myles had pushed the largest button on the clicker, the LOCK button! I closed the door and dried the car and went to put the towels in the back of the car when the door was locked. I walked to the drivers door only to find that locked too. Myles was tooling around in the car with the clicker in hand and a big smile on his face. By this point I am feeling really stupid. REALLY STUPID.

Here I am panicked because my 20 month old and six week old twins are now all locked in the car and the two parents are standing on the outside trying desperately to get the 20 month old to unlock the car. He successfully locks the car several times but never manages to get the idea of how to unlock the car. He's figured out how to unload the 5 disc CD changer, and is now trying to load them back into the glove box! It's been several min. now and I am starting to worry. Myles is starting to get hot. His hair is starting to look sweaty and his top lip has beads of sweat on it. I then start thinking how hot the girls are in the back seat all covered up by their car seat blankets because it's too cold for them with the A/C on. Well by this point Myles has managed to turn the car off so, no more A/C. I can hear the girls screaming and Myles is starting to think the fun game isn't so fun any longer. We call AAA, but they are taking too long, roughly 45 min. By this time I can't wait any longer. Myles is starting to cry and the girls are too. We call the police hoping that they have a slim-Jim and can open the car for us.

The police arrive in short order but they don't have slim-Jim's anymore. They call for Fire to come out on scene. The Fire truck and several other rescue units come too. They all decide that the only way to get the kids out is to break the window! We distract Myles into the front seat while they break the back window and unlock the car. When I get the girls out of their seats they are soaking wet. I'm glad I had bottles with me to feed them right away. I knew they would need some hydration. Myles had been drinking from his sippy cup this whole time and he was just happy to be out. The Fire department gave him a fun badge and he was good as new. I guess I should count my many blessings that we had waited till evening to wash the car. The sun had almost set and the temp. was much less than it was during the day. Had it been in the middle of the day things could have been very different. Our car now has one less window to wash, but hey look on the bright side of things, my car is very clean! What should have been an hour long outing turned into a 2 1/2 hour ordeal.

Do you ever have days when you wished that you never left the house?