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Friday, August 22, 2008

He's on the move

Well he took his time, but he has finally done it. Myles is on the move as of yesterday! I can't believe how fast he can get around when he really wants to. It's bitter sweet for this momma, I love that he is making progress, but I hate that now my showers are going to be the most terrifying 5 min. of my life not knowing what he is getting into. I really took for granted all those months when he wasn't able to move around. I hope he learns to walk before we head to Yosemite for Thanksgiving. Camping in the cold with a crawling child may not be the best thing. At least they have hot showers for the days he eats dirt and everything else he can get is little paws on. Stay tuned for more...

The many faces he makes...

So Myles has become a bit of a "ham" at times. Especially when we are feeding him. I haven't caught all the funny faces but these are a few of my favorite. The first is the "Just try to get that spoon in my mouth", then the happy face of "do you want to see my two chompers?"(btw,he is cutting all four front teeth on top), then at a Dodgers baseball game he displayed his "punch drunk" face. So many faces for such a little boy. Man I love this kiddo!

The new "toy box's"

We are back baby(well sort of, it's a long story. The long and the short of it is that I have to transfer my pictures to Bjorn's work laptop, then onto a memory stick, and then to our computer for the internet ughhhhhhh)!

These posts are long over due, but here you go...

We finally medicated the dog so we got new ottomans, or toy box's as far as Myles is concerned. He tried to get into this one for a good while so I put him in and he played happily for almost an hour! I loved it that he couldn't get out and I could get a few thing done around the house without worrying what he was getting into.

The little boy was so tired after learning to pull up and kneel on the edge of the toy box.