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Friday, April 11, 2008

Poop on your finger!!

I was wondering yesterday, as I was wiping Masaru's 'rear end', if there would ever be a time when I could go through a week without having poop on my finger.
I've been thinking this for a while now because Masaru has started pooping about 3/4 times a day!! He obviously has something wrong with his little tummy and that makes it 'slightly' better when I'm scrubbing furiously to get rid of any trace of his 'number two' off of my finger!
Potty training has been the horror of my life.
I thought 'I'm a great mother, I'll start potty training him at 18months, just like my sister did with her girl, it'll work cause I'll MAKE it work!'
Little did I know I'd have a year and a half battle on my hands.
Of course I studied all the different way of potty training and, in this year and a half, have been through ALL of them.
It doesn't help when friends of mine say to me 'Oh it took my kid a week and now they're fully trianed' They tell me how they did it and the first thing that runs through my mind is 'I've tried that, and no luck.'
Don't get me wrong I'm extremely happy for THEM, but it makes me feel that much more sorry for myself!!!
When I had no kids I thought I was going to be the perfect mother. Of course I was a school teacher, to small children!! I thought I had it covered.
I mean I'm an intelligent woman, I'm the oldest of five brothers and one sister I thought I knew it all.
I was one of 'those girls' who would look at other mothers and how they did things and think 'Yeah I'd do that different'
One example was when I saw mum's letting their babies drool all over their shoulder! I just thought that was the grossest thing ever!!
The list goes on and then I had Masaru!
I can't tell you how many drool stains I've gotten on my shirts! How many times I've been thrown up on and of course pooped on!
Those of you who know me know I love to talk, I also love to share my opinions and throw them around like it's a *"Lollie scramble"
But as the days of motherhood go on for me the less and less opinions I have on how mothers should raise their children.
I've realized that as educated, intelligent, sofisticated, and good looking as I THINK I am, NOTHING could have prepared me for what was to come with being a stay at home mum with my kids.
I've gone from having ALL the answers to not having many answers!
It's brought me on my knees many times and put the opinion sharing at a minimum!!
I think I'm finally starting to realize that what you think is going to happen and what REALLY happens, sometimes are two different things.
Like my whole birth plan and wanting to do it natural and breast feeding for a whole year.
Well guess what................ I have to have c-sections and my milk drys up after three months!!
Another example is my mission. I thought I was going to convert thousands!! I had graduated seminary and institute with flying colours and knew the gospel pretty well, I had a firm testimony and was going to 'rock everyone's worlds'
Well the world that got 'rocked' was mine.
So I'm guessing that Heavenly Father has many many lessons for me to learn.
I now realize that I don't know much about motherhood except that I need to pray for patience and try my best with my children so they can turn out better than I did.
So guess what........................Yuki and potty training is going to be a whole different story. If she wants to stay in nappies until she's three, that's fine by me!!
When she tells me she's ready to potty train THEN and ONLY then I'll get started, cross my 'poopless' fingers, and hope for the best.
I mean it can't be as bad as Masaru has been, CAN IT?

*For the Americans who are reading.
A lollie scramble is what we used to do in NZ. You get a WHOLE bunch of lollies (candy) and an adult stands at the front, usually on something to make them a lot higher and begins to throw lollies out to the children. As kids we'd race around, pushing and shoving each other to try and collect the MOST lollies we could in the short amount of time it lasted!!
It was the funniest thing ever!
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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Myles 6 months

Well I took Myles to the doctor for his six month check up and he is officially LARGE. He is off the charts for height @ 29 1/2 inches long, and he is in the 95% for weight @ 21.5 oz. I can't believe how long he is. I thought that I was being so smart last month to buy the 12 month onsies. Well they don't snap anymore. I can't believe it!

Today was a mile stone for Myles. He officially rolled from back to front all my himself. I missed it of course because he was in the crib playing after a nap. I came when I heard all the crying and found him belly down. We had to call and tell daddy of the great news. I was worried about his not wanting to roll over, but the doctor said that as long as he is rolling from side to side that was good for now. Sitting up all my himself is next on the list. He can sometimes, but not very well. He is getting good a grabbing a fist full of fur from Yoda however!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

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Moab 08

Well another Moab trip has came and gone with no serious damage to children or vehicles!! Phew!!!
Just a few fury teeth and more red sand in the cracks of the Land Cruiser!!
The day back is always the hardest. I really don't enjoy unpacking everything and getting things back to 'normal' but someone's gotta do it right?!?
So I'll do what I can and Dru can do the rest.
The first night Yuki didn't do so well. So Dru and I were pretty tired.
The first day though, she did excellent. So another child who doesn't mind the 4 wheeling. We're pretty lucky cause I think a 6 month old could've made the trip that much worse!! But she's Dru's child alright and loved it. I think because she's so buzy and loves being a part of the action, it was right up her alley!!
The kids always have tons of fun. I'm going to have to re-train Masaru not to just pull his pants down and pee anywhere he wants to now. He thinks the trees love it so I'm afraid I might catch him trying to pee on our trees in the yard or, even worse, pee on a neighbours tree!!
I'll have to keep an eye on him for the next few days.
It was a huge party for the children and they all played well together.
Kristin and I went to a hotel the next day while the boys 4 wheeled and watch conference. It was amazing and it wasn't until the last talk that Pres. Monson did that I finally was able to see and feel him to be my prophet. I'm glad I watched it. Sunday afternoon was AMAZING. It was my personal fav. I didn't see Sat though. So if anyones taped it, let me know.
It was also nice to have a shower!! A shower never felt so good.
We got Yuki into her own personal space and she slept like a log the next two nights. So in turn, so did Dru and I.
Monday it rained so the kids and I stayed in the pop up and read books and played. It was fun. But it stopped and we were able to pack up and come back.
I think Masaru had the best time. He talks constantly about Dusty's jeep. Every white jeep we see is "Dusty's jeep". I didn't know he cared so much. So on the last day of the trip he finally got a chance to ride in Dusty's jeep. He was in seventh heaven and Dusty was really good about it. It's the favourite car, by far!! The kids all fight over who's going to sit in the back of 'Dusty's jeep' and the most stubborn kids usually win!!
It was a great trip!!
I'm not sure if we'll get to go again before law school.