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Friday, August 12, 2011

Potty training #@*&

This is the bucket of pee pee pants at the end of the first day of potty training the girls. Score card says...18 pair of underwear. Not bad for two girls, but not good either. Man I forgot how much the first day sucks. It's an intense 3 days, but so worth it when you are done, or so I thought. Well, turns out Audrey had a little bug and she had "butt pee" for the first day and a half when i finally threw in the towel with her. I just couldn't take it anymore. It's one thing to have pee running down the legs, but poop is entirely different. So...I put her back in diapers. She was a little sad that she wasn't going to get treats and prizes, but I still gave her treats when Lydia got them and she was happy as could be.

Day two I only had 4 pair of undies in the bucket, and Lydia had actually had some success at going pee on the potty. By day three she only had one accident and was getting to the potty almost on her own. Now two weeks into it she just takes herself to the potty. She isn't so good at wiping, so I try and stay on top of that, but WAY TO GO LYDIA. I love it when it's done, I just hate it when I'm doing it. Two kids down, one to go...
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