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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Old Dress

So, my friends, this is the EXACT SAME dress that I wore when I was Yuki's age.
Yes, yes it has lastest 31 LONG years. My sister didn't even wear it, I don't think.
So when I was in NZ this last trip I grabbed it, scince I have a girl, and waited for the right moment to put it on her.
It needs a bit of fixing as it only has three buttons in the back and almost splits down to the bottom of the dress.
So it's semi backless LOL.
So it needs to be on the warm side!
But 2 Sunday's ago I put it on Yuki and I think she looks pretty cute.
I know, I know I always say how cute she is, but come on folks, it is what it is!
So I was quite proud of this moment.
My mother has the pic's of me in the dress so I can't copy and scan it in for you to see how IDENTICAL, Yuki and I look.
It's pretty amazing how similar the both of us look at this age.
So I think she'll turn out alright looking.
I think I turned out alright looking!!!
Ahhhhhhhhh so humble.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

And the rain came down

Our last min. trip to Sequoia National Forest was really great. It rained most of the time, but we were prepared and our tent managed not to leak so we were dry as a bone till we left. We did some short hikes, and saw a lot of beautiful scenery along the highway. We will have to go back to see more. It's a huge place and we just didn't have time to do everything. In this picture you can see how beautiful it is there. The weather is always best on the day it's time to leave. It was a beautiful day around Lake Hume. It was a great trip, one we hope to do again.

This is Juanita one of the camp hosts. She and her husband Fred work for Cal Land Management. They let us come inside their trailer for a cup of hot chocolate and to escape the rain for a while.

We left Yoda in the car, I don't think he even noticed we were gone.

Daddy and Myles standing in front of the fire as it starts to rain. It was a good thing we brought so many warm clothes. We needed all of them!

Yoda in his "camo" jacket and packs. We are trying to get him in shape while also trying to harness his endless amounts of energy. Filling the pack with "stuff" helps to give him a "job" and he gets tiered more quickly. The tour bus full of French people thought he was the star of the trip. Everyone got out their cameras to take a picture of the smelly beast!

Bjorn and Myles are standing on top of a logged Sequoia tree. Even this picture doesn't give you a great perspective of how huge these trees are. Amidst all the rain we still were able to get out and see a few sights. It was a great trip all in all.