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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"Bing" We are now aproaching our arrival...

Well it's almost done. I still need to hang the quilt on the wall behind the crib, but everything else we have done. We are still searching for a three drawer dresser that can double as a changing table. No luck yet, but we are going this weekend to the unfinished wood store in hopes to be able to find something there. We had good luck there with other furniture items. Last night making the bed I realized how much making the bed against the wall sucks, but better than no bed at all I guess. I finished the curtains and hung the airplanes yesterday. Thanks to Bjorn's muscles the furniture is where I want it. The cradle will be moved to our room once the baby arrives. For now it will stay where the changing table/dresser will go. So I guess this means that the Dodd B & B is open for business! Come one come all, but make your reservations early because we will be having a permanent resident come the end of October.

Pregnancy Pics!!!

These were taken yesterday, July 24th!! Dru was the photographer and it took three shots before I was happy I guess. I'm 31weeks!!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Crazy Kid

Well here's a couple of pic's of Masaru. One is of a trip to the demolition derby the other Saturday. He had to bring every single toy in his bed with him. He held onto those for about the whole way. I had to get a pic. cause it was so crazy.
This other pic. is of today. We went to the Expo Centre to see all the 24th of July floats and he got a balloon sword and this is how far the face painting got!!! She was able to put one swipe on him then he said "No" and was outter here. He was going to be a pirate. So much for that. I guess face painting comes at a later age!!!

Mustachio Grande

Kate says, Look at my Chico!
Ella says, Cool man, Groovy baby!
Tess says, ayayayayayaya!
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