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Friday, October 5, 2007

Early arrival

Well here they are. The pictures that everyone has been asking for. I was discharged from the hospital on Wednesday without Myles. He needed to stay at the "Huntington Beach" and get rid of some billiruben in his system. My OB let me stay one extra night, but unfortunately Myles needed two nights so I left him behind. He came home last night and we have been in bliss ever since. I feel like I'm playing house in some ways, that is until the middle of the night feedings, but he's so worth all 24 hours of labor and more!(can anyone tell me how to get pictures side by side? I put them that way when writing the post, but when publishing the post they come out all stacked up.)

New Pic's

Well this is us about a week home and Masaru is doing the best he can in the situation he's in. He's very good with her and is just not potty trained as well, but we're working on it. He's a little clingy to me but all in all I think things are going well at home. She's sleeping and eating well, so I"m really happy as that is less stress I think when your child is doing those two things nicely. She's got her first appointment with Dr. Reese on Monday so we'll see how much she's grown. She's already changing I think and filling out a little more. I'd be surprised if she was less than 7 and a half pound. Her blessing is going to be at our house on the 21st of October!! Probably around 1ish.