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Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Dear Myles!

Myles turned 1 on the 1st of October. Since we were going to be in Utah over that time we had a Halloween theme party on the 3rd for him. It was fun. Lots of friends and family. Everyone dressed up and the kids all had a really great time together.

It's the pig and her pigglet and the farmer if you can't tell what we were going for.
(sorry I forgot to rotate this before importing it)
We ate a dinner of pizza, chicken Cesar salad, fruit sticks and veggie tray and dip. We followed it up by having Martha Steward pumpkin cake(for the
adults), witch and mummy cupcakes for the kids.

Myles wasn't too interested in eating or playing in his cupcake. I think he was getting sleepy.

Then the games really began. We played pin the tale of the black cat, and the witch hat ring toss. Then Myles opened a few gifts and everyone went home.

I think that everyone had a great time. Myles especially loved the party. He was a total ham when everyone was paying him attention. He learned to climb up the stairs (not down) and was laughing while holding the spindles. Thanks to mom and Kristin for lots of help getting things ready and picked up after.

*note* we ate dinner in the back yard at moms house, the following week we had six inches of snow in the back yard!


Melissa said...

It looks great Brooke. I'm really sad we weren't there you know.
I hope Myles has many more birthdays and wer'e at most of them!!!

Clark Captions said...

Happy Birthday Myles! It looks like it was a very fun party with all of those cuzzies! I love all of those great costumes!

angie said...

I can't believe he's already one. What a fun party!

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Myles!!

Angela said...

How fun and oh i love your cow costume!!