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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Snow Day

Myles the snow remover

Audrey and Lydia with pure enjoyment on their faces

Snow isn't something my children see a lot of.  When they do visit it, it's always a good time.    Grandma and Papa's driveway is the perfect sledding hill after a night of snow.  It shoots you right out into the street which has been plowed and therefore stops  you right in your tracks.  We have to make good use of our snow clothes since they only get used once or twice a year at most.  


Kristin said...

You let them shoot out onto the street?! What kind of mother are you? Shame... shame... What? my kids were doing it too? Oh. well then. It's all good fun right ?

Melissa said...

Masaru has a day off school due to snow. Ther's barely anything on the ground?
Boise, bunch of pansies.

Dru said...

You gotta take advantage of the snow, like leaving work early so you can get home before dark...thanks Barry, safety first.

Leslie said...

Wow, look at you! They looked like they were having fun, I saw them across the street. It's hardly worth having snow clothes, only using them once or twice a year!