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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Post Christmas funk

It's been a while since I last posted.  You see there was this technical error where I didn't have iphoto for a whole year.  Storing my digital photos on the memory card alone.  Now, thanks to Dru, I have iphoto again and am back in business.  However, that being said I was never a great blogger so don't expect too much!  

It's the time of year that I hate.  Christmas is over, and I *HEART* Christmas.  I always feel a let down when it comes time to take all the trimmings down.  It started for me yesterday as the trash man was coming to take the tree.  It was either that or haul it off on my own.  And since I don't know where the city dump is that wasn't an option.  I could have cut it up an put it in my green waste bin I guess.  It just seemed the easiest to take it down when the city was going to do all the hard work.  Once you take the tree down though, you have to take all the rest down too.  That also means CLEANING, urgh...   I've almost got the entire place stripped of Christmas decor and am thinking that I should just be like the stores and get out the valentines stuff as the house now looks so bare.  

It probably doesn't help that all three of my children have fevers and two with a cough.  So here we are all in our PJ's watching way too much t.v. and cleaning a little at a time.  

I will try and get some of the highlights of Christmas up soon.  I just have to remember how to upload photos... anyone... anyone...

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